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My new love: Giraffes

Remember when my love for the camel happened? When we got back from beautiful Jordan? Well this time it is the giraffe that stole my heart a bit during our trip to hot Senegal. I was there last week (although it already feels like a long time ago!) and part of our journey was a trip to Bandia Game Reserve. A lot of the animals that are there have been reintroduced into the country and orignate from South Africa, but thrive in Senegal!

At the moment there are quite a few giraffes but the predators haven’t been let into the park just yet. There is one hyena but he is locked in a cage. Reason being that they are running the risk that the hyena would eat the other animals. I get that, although it is the natural way of things. And ultimately that is nature. But there are probably not enough animals in the park just yet. The park itself is 3500 hectare big and the giraffes looked to be in excellent health. The weren’t really afraid for the tourists either as there are no natural enemies in the park at the moment.

If I understand correctly it is the intention to reintroduce predators into the mix at some point as well, so I’m curious to see how that will develop. For now I loved the park and I loved the giraffes in the wild. Such graceful animals with those long eye lashes and that gracious (and sometimes clumsy) long legs.

The scientists don’t all agree on why the giraffe has such a long neck but the theory is that the owe that neck to the fact that it allowed them to reach the food better and so the animals with a long neck survived by natural selection. To be honest I don’t really care how they got those necks. I love them!


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