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Mekong Delta – Vietnam

Going through my old photos from Vietnam I was kind of sorry that I didn’t shoot in raw those days! It would have made such a big difference! But anyway, as a sidenote…

I think one of my favorite area’s of Vietnam was definitely the Mekong Delta. Not the cleanest and make sure you don’t accidentally swallow any of the water if you’re on a boat. You’ll be rewarded with some serious diarea if you do!


If you’ve been to the floating market in Thailand (Damnoeng Saduak) than you know that has evolved into being more a tourist trap than anything else. You’re literally floating from one tourist stall to the next. You will appreciate the floating markets in the Mekong Delta all the more. It’s real, it’s messy and as a tourist you’re in the way mostly. (which is always a good sign in my opinion)


We stayed on Tiger Island for a night which is in the middle of the Mekong area and that was a homestay. Now I have to confess I am not a big homestay fan. It’s nice but in a lot of cases you’re dumped in some schoolbuilding in a town and not at all at a home. But there are good ones and bad ones. This one was ok. We did stay at an actual family and they had made large army type of beds for us in a covered shed next to their home. We were with seven people all together there and they cooked for us too. Way too much I might add; they prepared fish, soup, beef, springrolls, rice and noodles. And ofcourse you’re feeling a little bit obliged to eat most of it really.


The night was an experience all in itself… Did we sleep? Noooo…It was weird too and a little unsettling. It was pitch black in the area. It’s not as if you’re in Holland and there is always some light or other. Dark is Dark in Vietnam.

Apparently our beds where situated close to the toilets, so first someone had to go to the loo… That was noisy so we all woke up. Getting in and out of the (hanging) beds was a job in itself. The beds were high and let’s just say I can be – eh- somewhat clumsy when I have to get in and out of moving beds.. lol… So there was that.


Than a little before 3 am someone turned on the bright fluorescent lights in the shed, than two cats started fighting and not so much later I think the whole town woke up. Ofcourse Tom slept like a baby… :)


Anyway, the Mekong is a huge area so we only saw just a tiny part of it. But definitely a must see when you’re in Vietnam!


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