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At the market: our first day!


And than it’s time… for the very first time in your life… at the market. Beautiful products, great flavors and of course sharing those flavors with the many visitors to the market. Sometimes it takes forever to make big decision but once you’ve made that decision it can go really hard.

Going back in time, maybe about four years ago. All of a sudden, I think it must have been a regular monday, I stopped having fun at my job. I had always been one of those guys that shouted out loud “When you go to work for a week and feel bad doing it, it is time to move on.” Which is a very true and valid advice but when you have to listen to your own advice, it is a bit of a differen story. It can take a little longer to make that final decision. Now, after four years and four employers who didn’t renew the temporary contracts I finally made that big decision.


I will be doing that which I think will make me happiest; selling top quality products at the market for kitchen use. And I am really happy to have the support of my wife Simone (even more: thanks for all the patience in the last four years hon!) The brand ‘Simone’s Kitchen’ was the starting point for living my dream. Because we wanted to start selling the same products we had been using in the kitchen for years.


The last couple of months Simone and I have been busy in building on this concept and of course we had to make a choice which products we wanted to start selling.

Where we once were daydreaming of winning the lottery and moving to a large house with lots of chickens, we were now daydreaming about actual things. Things we had some influence over such as ” What if we would also be selling that delicious fig-date vinegar on the market? Yes that will be a clear winner!’

We thought about things, we talked about it endlessly and than all of a sudden the realisation dawned that I had told my current boss I was leaving to live the dream and build on the products for Simone’s Kitchen.

And from that moment onwards things went like a roller coaster. Jos, my current boss, was much more understanding than I had thought he would be, my best friend Danny, a born and bred market salesman, immediately got where we wanted to go and has been an enormous help and also Femke en Eddy van Heeerlijk, culinary moodmakers pur sang, offered a helping hand. And so it happened, much quicker than we had anticipated, that we were at the market behind “our” stall with beautiful produce and tastes you really want to share with the rest of the world. Admittely I was also a lot in front of the stall to let everyone taste the unique and specific flavor caught in those bottles and jars we brought.

Every taste of oil, vinegar and chutney had a story I wanted to tell. Our kickoff took place at the  Seinfestijn, a small fo0d- en lifestyle event at a beautiful location in Haarlem.


And if you’re asking how the first day went? Well, it went quite well. It actually went really well. It felt good. And to have everything taste our beautiful oils and vinegars, or delicious chutneys, that didn’t feel like working at all. Ok, truth be told, once you get home after assembling and breaking down a market stall and having been on your feet for 9 hours it kind of did feel like working. So yes, work but satisfied as well. Sunday, after the event, too late to sleep and the next morning the alarm rang again at 04.15 am.

Because Danny had offered to sell some of our products at his stall at the Noordermarket in Amsterdam. Only at this market you have to be there at 6.15 am, if you want to have any say in the matter. So that was an event all in itself. Hard work but i did find something back in these two days that I had lost in the last four years of work. Hard work, but going home happy. And it seems to be irreversible: Simone’s Kitchen goes to market and we are going fast.  So thanks Danny for your support and your fath in our concept from the very first moment we talked about it. And thanks also to Femke and Eddy, awesome for trusting us straight away and pulling us towards Seinfestijn. Now we will be working hard in building the stall with the flavors we want to share, become a familiar face at the various foodmarkets and foodevents throughout the Netherlands. We hope to welcome you soon at our stall and to share our delicious flavors. And if you’re not able to come by we do have a webshop but at the moment that is only open to Dutch orders. But that might change in the near future.

And to come back to that time that everything seemed to move slowly; that fig-date vinegar was a total hit on our first day at the market! Yes!


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  1. Congratulations, you two! That fig-date vinegar sounds divine… So when are you doing a pop-up market day in London?? 😉

  2. The dude and dudette! Hard work leaves you tired whether you like the work or not but work you love, leaves you happy. Good for you for following your dream.

  3. Congratulations on your new venture guys. Will wait for the date and fig chutney to come to Canada..

  4. Congratulations and BEST wishes for you two! Love your creations all that healthy and delicious oils, vinegars and chutneys 🙂

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