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Macarons 2nd attempt!

Macarons with chocolate filling |

Whoohoo!! Ofcourse I could not resist making another batch of macarons yesterday as I really wanted it to work better then the first attempt. I had received full instructions from Helen via an article she had written previously for dessert magazine (look on page 38) and following those… I got the above results! The whole French method is sooo much easier then the Italian one I did previously that I was pleasantly surprised.

I had gone to Amsterdam in the morning to buy ground almonds (I bought a kilo…. so more macarons to follow… 🙂 ) and a tip that would be in the right size, so I would not have so much issues with the piping bag. In the end I used whole almonds and ground them myself as I had bought those previously and ultimately I needed to finish those before the ground ones. I didn’t really have old eggwhites so I used Helen’s recommendation to microwave them for 10-20 seconds before using them as that apparently replicates the effect of using old eggwhites.

Macarons |

I had also bought powdered coloring of which I used a bit too much. You need just really a tiny amount to get any color into the meringue. I had never used powder before, but I know for next time now.

As for the taste; they were good although I would say not quite there yet. Compaired to the Italian version the French ones use less almonds (the previous recipe had 200 gr powdered sugar and 200 gr almonds, while this one had 200 gr powdered sugar and 110 gr almonds) so I found the taste to be a little bit more sugary. I am not sure if it is save to experiment with the sugar/almond combination but I might try to do that for next time, or add some other nuts to the mixture which I am sure will work really well as well.

I also found that the recommended 12-13 minutes was not enough. I ended up letting them bake for about 25 minutes before the bottom was firm enough. I think that was the mistake  I made the first time as they did not want to come of the parchment paper. Keeping them in a little longer was all that was needed. (we do have an oven that is not really working as it should, so that is possibly one of the reasons)

For the filling we used chocolate ganache with no other additions and that was delicious but rather heavy as well. I have some left over which I will fill with something else just to see how that will compair with the taste. The chocolate was almost too overpowering…

All in all I am really pleased with how my second attempt turned out and they really were delicious!

I was right by the way, about my friend laughing really hard about my first attempt…. 🙂 I bet she was here now to taste my second attempt!!

Macarons with chocolate filling |

For the recipe I followed click on the link above to Dessert Magazine and have a look at page 38.

Next thing I will be doing is trying to experiment with the flavours and getting it to be perfect. Varying with the filling as well.

20090711-7716O and let’s not forget the practising with the right size as these were a bit on the large size really and definitely not all the same size either. That’s the least of my worries though. Taste and flavour is most important. I am sure getting them the right size is gonna be a thing you – hopefully – learn over time!

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  1. OOOOOh,…For your second attempt: they so worked out well! They look so georgous!

  2. Congratulations Simone! I plan on using a recipe based on the French version too. They look absolutely delicious!

  3. Bravo! Tell your friend that only two attempts is a very good thing!! They turned out so cute! Well done! They look like the perfect size by the way. Well at least the ones like I get in my town back home!

  4. You have conquered a fear that I have had for years now!!!! I am somehow threatened by these little buggers!!! Well done!!

  5. Chocolate fill!!!!!!!!!!These are the ones I must try…Geweldig, beautiful pink with dark brown..when is the tasting session???? XX

  6. WOW! I the difference between the first batch and this one is like night and day. I can’t believe how much you improved; These are PERFECT, and absolutely stunning!

  7. They turned out great! I’m glad you didn’t give up:) I actually really like the vibrant color of the cookies. It makes me wish I had some!!!:)

  8. Yay! They look perfect! I’m so proud of you! Here in Quebec they put just a little bit of filling in the middle, just to keep the two pieces together. Maybe that is the trick, who cares, they look amazing!

  9. Oh, Simone, they are gorgeous! You did a seriously incredible job! Looks like you’ll soon be giving out tips and advice to the rest of us!

  10. Congratulations!!! They’re gorgeous!

  11. These macaroons looks perfect!!

  12. These macaroons looks perfect!!

  13. They look fantastic! I used the same recipe after my first attempt failed. Lovely job.

  14. Haha… just let me know and I will make new ones (these are all finished… 🙂 )

  15. They are just perfect! Great job!

  16. They are just perfect! Great job!

  17. I haven’t tried making macarons yet.. which I have been wanting to do for quite some time..
    Yours look great!!

  18. Now you have me so intrigued. I have to make them. TO be honest, I never heard of maracons until I started food blogging and I thought I knew food. You did a simply OUTSTANDING job. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for doing them twice. It was the push I needed!

  19. Wah congratulations they look gorgeous, well done! 🙂

  20. Absolutely gorgeous…I sound like a parrot 🙂

    I’d like a few of them right now, please!

  21. Great job! These are gorgeous.

  22. I love the pink color of these macarons!!! And they look sssooooo good!

  23. Congratulations Simone I am SO pleased to see you conquered this bake. Your macarons look gorgeous!!

  24. Congrats on a successful 2nd attempt. These just happen to be on my “To Bake List”, so I can’t wait to try them.

  25. COngrats!! They look great!

  26. Simone, bravo…they look wonderful…I think you got it!

  27. How strange I have just finished my first and 2nd attempts that these lovely desserts. Wow what an improvement these are great your research has paid off. It is a very satifying feeling to be able to pull these off. Congrats I had a big jump also between my first and 2nd batch and mainly for the same reason as you – not enough heat. Glad to hear that you liked your results. Very impressed. Cheers Audax in Australia. O I just draw circles on the parchment paper the correct size and then pipe to it. Yours

  28. Just read your post on my blog very strange exactly the same timing and thanks for the nice comments I will be doing some more soon but I want to try some ‘way out’ flavours like goat’s cheese with walnut/almond meal and cranberry filling and one with smoked salmon and cream cheese. And I like the idea of vegemite and cheese. Yours Audax very odd our timing.

  29. I’m sure we were visiting each other’s blog at exactly the same time!!!! Great minds think and act alike as they say. Aduax

  30. Your macarons look fantastic! I agree that the french meringue method is much easier than the italian, although the italian gives that macaron texture much better.

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