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Lychee lassi and new look

Lychee lassi | insimoneskitchen.com

Strangely enough I had never tasted lassi while being in India (ok, I have been in India for about 5 days for work 6 years ago, so it doesn’t really count for much!) and only ever tasted it here in the Netherlands. Once a mango lassi, which appears to be all you can find here and once a lychee lassi; about two weeks ago. I had a photoshoot with Nadig, who is native to Mauritius but has lived in the Netherlands for quite some time. She is attempting to start up a little business of her own by giving workshops in Indian cooking. Now I can tell you firsthand that she can cook perfect Indian meals! Her aunt was there while we had the photoshoot as well, so I got all the traditional cooking shown to me and ofcourse we tasted it all after shooting.

We ended the shoot with the delicious lassi you see above. Initially we had tried to find fresh lychees but it is apparently not the season, so nowhere to be found. These lychees are therefore the tinned variety but it did certainly not diminish in the taste of the drink. Very nice and very refreshing and not too sweet either. All the ingredients that went in it are on the tray in the picture above and to be quite honest I do not have the exact recipe for you, but if I will receive it from Nadig I will definitely share. Or you can just wing it and try it out for yourself; ingredients include fresh yogurt, mint, lychees, icecubes, cardamom, coconut milk and hmmm, I can see some other spice there but I can’t really remember which it was! If any of you have a good lychee recipe feel free to share and leave it in the comments!

You have probably also noticed that my blog has a new look. I had changed my Dutch blog a couple of days ago and in comparison I then suddenly felt that this blog was also in need of a spring cleaning. So it is changed! I kind of like the new look; but would love to know your thought ofcourse. Do I need to change anything? Pictures too big, too small, layout too wide? (I have a rather large 24″ screen but have no idea how it looks on a smaller screen, so if you have a small screen please let me know how it looks! I can change the width of the layout. Currently set at 1260 px. I like space, but if it looks wrong on other screens than I would love to know.

Does it load fast enough?

Lychee lassi | insimoneskitchen.com

Also if you live in the Netherlands and would love to follow a workshop Indian Cooking then please send me a note, so I can pass it on to Nadig.

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  • Oh this is too good. Lychee and lassi although i have had many lassies i cannot remember if I’ve ever had a lychee one. Love this! I also like the new look. the only thing is that it’s too wide – right now i have to scroll the horizontal bar to view the whole page. my notebook has a fairly wide screen so i am sure others are having more trouble than i am.

  • I love your new look! It is fresh and gorgeous… but I miss the incredible photos across the top. You have done what I was trying to do with my site, but couldn’t find a template like this. My photos change each time, too… but I don’t like the size or the white around the edge. Did you use a template, or write this heading yourself? It looks stunning, and I kept clicking on it to enjoy your gorgeous photos!
    The lychee Lassie is also appealing and luscious looking with the frosty white foreground, and cool blue background. YUM!

  • This looks delicious. I love mango lassi. Never seen/tried lychee lassi, but I love lychee. I’ll need to try making a lychee version.

  • Mango lassi’s are my favorite! Looking at the ingredients this must be just as good. Perhaps next time you talk to Ndig you could prod her for the measurements?!

    As for the blog? It’s looking good. It has a nice clean layout, and from my screen it all looks in good proportion. The only thing I think might be a cool additio (and I have no idea how to actually do this) is to have your main photo roatate with some of your other great shots fading every 3 seconds or so. Just an idea, but the blog looks fantastic regardless.

    Oh and I can’t use my mouse to go back and edit my comment, hence the bad grammar and missing letters! I think it has something to do with your copyright protection?



    • Thanks everyone for the comments; @ Chelsey; it’s a bit weird that you can’t edit the comment. Gotta look into that. As for the fading header; I’ve been toying with that idea as well, so might incorporate it (which is very easy in this layout..) 🙂

  • Looks amazing!!! Just letting you know I’m viewing your blog through a rss feed reader on my iPod touch and everything fits beautifully for us mobile users 🙂

  • I’ve never had lassi, but I love lychees! This must be nice and refreshing!

    I love the new look! It looks fine on my screen, and it loaded much faster than your old layout!

  • I’ve never had lassi, but I love lychees! This must be nice and refreshing!

    I love the new look! It looks fine on my screen, and it loaded much faster than your old layout!

  • You’ve been spring cleaning. The site loads quickly but the pictures are a bit large for my 19″ screen I have to scroll about 3 clicks to see the complete image. Other than that it’s very fresh and springy:-) I like:-)

  • Love the new look Simone… it’s gorgeous, and so is the lychee lassi. I’ve never had some here, and this looks as good as it gets!

  • Love the look. Simone are you still on wordpress? Question. Do you think the long large photos are the way to go? What size photo do you use?

    The white is so pretty for this recipe. White is my favorite color, although it’s not really a color. It’s so peaceful.

    • He Angela! Thanks for the compliments on the new site. They are rather large the photos, but I love the focus to be on the photos. At least for me that makes sense but I might actually make them slightly smaller as they are almost overwhelmingly big! I use size photos for portrait 600 px by 900 px roughly. And yes, I am still on wordpress but this is a paid template from prophotoblogs. Very user friendly and customizable!

  • I love the new look Simone, it loads much faster for me now too. Sounds like an incredible time you had cooking with your friend! I love Indian food and it would be amazing to cook it with someone who really knows what they are doing! That lychee lassi looks so elegant.

  • Lovely new blog, Simone! Clean and fresh looking! The lassi looks wonderful too, and I love that you made it lychee flavoured.

  • Love the new look…. especially the changing pictures in the header….. and the text header on each post. So crisp and bold!!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  • I love the new look – much cleaner, loads faster, and puts the focus on the photos. I second just slightly smaller photos though – I’d love to be able to see the full shot in a single screen.

  • How on the earth did i miss this? My very favorite fruit and I get none of the fresh ones here. Reminds me of the several kilos of the bright red lychees I would devour back home during summer, sitting among the brown seeds and red peels and not wanting to share them at all. I miss the taste, the flavor and eating the fresh lychees. What a perfect drink.

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