While I am writing this I am still in London… In fact I just came back from the second day of FBC5 completely overloaded with the goodie bag plus two new cookbooks I bought and am desperately trying to cool down in my B and B room. Of course I had read the news that it was going to be good weather this weekend but between good weather and 30 C there is always a big difference in my book.
Not being the skirt kind of girl ( self conscious and more of that) I only brought two pair of jeans and yes a bunch of tshirts… Quite warm I can tell you…

Borough market

Borough market

I figured that a good way to cool down a bit was to start writing about my adventures in London. As there is no way I am going to be able to cram it all into one post, so I’ll do few but will split it up into logical parts really… Or being me, those parts might not be too logical…. And where else to start but with the food…
For me no visit to London is complete without a visit to Borough market… So when I arrived on Thursday I dropped off my bags at the airbnb room I booked at Anne’s. A lovely lady with a lovely room so all good there. (I can highly recommend this if you want to stay near the Battersea area and are looking for an affordable place to stay!)
Of course, it always takes a little getting used to the public transport system when in London so first I had to get myself an Oyster card… Weird name for a card now that I think of it, but maybe that is because I seriously do not like oysters!
Anyway… I managed to get to London bridge station without actually making any wrong moves so that was pretty good. Borough on the Thursday was fairly quiet so perfect for taking pictures of course..! And I just love it. It is not cheap and for someone people that are normally paying with euro’s it is actually quite expensive but I haven’t  bought anything so taking photos never cost a dime.. Because I was having dinner late and because I hadn’t had lunch yet I stopped at the restaurant Fish for – you guessed it – something fishy… I could have gotten anything from any stall of course but I wanted to sit down for something small but nice… Looking at the menu I figured a started would be perfect so I went for the Thai fish cakes which were totally delicious. I’m kind of thinking the staff felt I was a little weird sitting at the table alone and taking pictures of my food, but hey…. There was a foodblogger conference going on in town, so they should be getting used to it!

Dinner with Jeanne at Swan by the globe

Dinner with Jeanne at Swan by the globe

From there I walked along the Thames and I was meeting up with the lovely Jeanne from Cooksister for a dinner at Swan by the Globe. A gorgeously located restaurant that was stacked with people from the bar downstairs, but luckily the restaurant was upstairs, with gorgeous views of the river and the St. Paul’s cathedral. It was wonderful meeting Jeanne again after two years and one of the great things of having dinner with another foodblogger is that it is totally normal to sit with big cameras at the table and elaborately shoot your food from every angle…


And the food, I might ad was delicious. The menu looked great. Everything on it, I could easily have eaten but I opted for a salad as a starter with goat cheese, beetroot and pomegranate and an intriguing main of cheddar gnocchi… I should have asked for a side of the triple fried chips maybe, but as it were I just stole a few of Jeanne.. ;) They were that good, as was my gnocchi by the way. A surprising taste for gnocchi, but fabulous. Dessert was a lime cheesecake with raspberries… I mean; do I need to say more? Let me just tell you that it was good that I had walked so many miles that day already and that I walked a lot after dinner as well. I guess that is one of the advantages of being in London. To get from A to B, usually walking is the easiest way (walking from one tube station to the next that is)


And here I was thinking I could put all the food stuff into one pot but I am already closing in on a 1000 words and I don’t want to bore you too long, so I’ll be continuing the story later with some of the amazing vendors we met at FBC. And yes, I am back home just now, so still a little buzzed!

More to come!

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