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Let’s all eat chocolate and stay smart forever!

While we are almost in the middle part of our whole30 going down the decline on the other end, I saw a small article in a health and fitness magazine about the effect of chocolate on memory decline. ‘An excuse to eat more chocolate!!’ was my first – slightly overdone – reaction. Chocoholic anyone? But of course, if only it were so simple.

Imagine how much fun life would be if you would just have to eat a chocolate bar each day to prevent any kind of memory loss? Now that would be awesome right, but a little bit further digging revealed a far less happy picture.

Chocolate dessert

Cocoa (and we’re talking about the raw chocolate here, nothing too processed!) contains a substance that is called flavonol and that has been shown to have an effect on the part of our brain where we form memories. Still sounds good right? However, in a test that was conducted by the Colombia University, Scot Small,  neurologist, had 19 test subjects drink 900 mg of flavonol each day. That’s quite a bit of chocolate I imagine. They could drink it with milk or water but still a pretty substantial amount.

After three months the group of people that got the flavonol reacted faster, had 20% more bloodflow to certain parts of their brain and by the looks of it, things looked quite promising.

Obviously there is probably lots more testing to be done but I foresee a future where my older self can just nibble on a dark chocolate bar while solving complicated mathematical problems…

For more on the topic and on a more serious note, read the article here

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  1. I needed a good excuse to eat two pounds of cocoa every day.  🙂

  2. Simone, I love these types of tests where they extract a single element out of a food source and feed massive amounts to human volunteers to see what the food does as a “whole” to the human being. So eating massive amounts of cacao rejuvenates the human brain according to this test which I think not because only one element was fed not the whole interactive chemical grouping of the whole food source!

    Cacao does do something to the brain but I’m not sure what but I’ve seen people bite into Hawaiian chocolate and melt into a state of bliss before my eyes!

    State of Hawaii is the only state in the United States of America that grows cacao and there are cacao farms on all of the major Hawaiian Islands except one. The Big island of Hawaii has the most cacao farms but it seems that the soil conditions and climate on the Island of Oahu grows the best world award-winning “Single Estate” cacao.

    In Hawaii local grown Hawaiian chocolate is everywhere in the stores and being used in the restaurants as part of “Hawaii Regional Cuisine.”

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