What an amazing amount of animals did we see today!! We are in the area of la fortuna or close to the arenal volcano. We will be staying there for two nights and today we drove all the way to the Nicaraguan border where we had a fantastic trip acros the cano negra.
Most impressive was the fact that we were witness to a capucin monkey capturing a large green lizard while we were watching!! He basically ripped of the head of the lizard almost but then dropped it because the lizard managed to bite the monkey. It might not sound spectaculair but it was amazing to watch and i think not something you get to see everyday.
The weather has cleared up and it is now sunny and hot with roughly 30c.
The nature is overwelming and beautiful but the food… Is à little disappointing. I think partially because it has become much more toeristic then it was 10 years ago the amount of bad tourist food has grown at the same rate as the amount of tourists. And because we are in remote area’s For the most part we cannot choosw which Food we’re having with the possible exception of this area but ultimately we did not come to Costa Rica for the food but we’ve only been here 6 days so I am sure we will see loads more and eat loads more before the weeks are over!!


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