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Kitchen update and garden…

Ten (or is it 11 already?) years ago we decided that yellow or rather vanilla was a good color for the kitchen… It was fine for years but do you know that feeling when all of a sudden you can’t stand to look at the same kitchen anymore? lol.. I do have to say that it has never been properly installed. We had one of those guys that kept talking and talking and talking but didn’t really do a good job. I actually think that his talking was a way to distract us from the actual issues at hand. Or maybe we were just so fed up with him that we were glad he was gone. We should of course have paid more attention but that’s just how it goes!



This week on Monday we had someone come over to do our garden as that was a total mess and this guy does it in his spare time. It was pouring rain on Monday but he still carried on and cleaned our entire garden. I will show you a before and after picture in a minute. But since he was busy and I was kind of forced to stay home, I thought it was a good idea to clean out the kitchen and get rid of all the overdue stuff and restructure it a bit. Now that I am cooking much more then I used to I also want to have a kitchen that is up to the task. Of course that involves throwing away things that we have had forever and never really use and updating things like our knifes and pots and pans.. Not all in one go though, because the good stuff tends to be expensive too!
Of coursethe next step in that is actually getting a new kitchen but it is hard to choose and make sure that I will still like it in a couple of years. We’re in no hurry; first the holidays and the move to the new studio (still not confirmed!!!!) and after that we will be slowly starting to look at new kitchens!

And as a bonus; here is our before and aftershot of the garden!




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