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The joy of taking a bath overseas


I think I can safely say that in general I am pretty easy when it comes to hotelrooms. As long as the bed is clean and there is a shower of some sort I am easily pleased. Lets face it; you don’t go to a country to sit in your hotelroom right? And don’t get me wrong, I also love spending time in a luxurious hotel if the opportunity presents itself. I can still vividly remember the wonderful experience I had when traveling for Nike at the time. We stayed at the Sheraton in Bangkok and up to this day it was one of the best hotels I ever spend time in. Fresh fruit every day, a newspaper in the morning, a wonderfully convenient hotelroom that felt personal. Not your average boring hotelroom at all! Beautiful chairs and you could tell that someone had spend a great deal in designing the room layout.

But that kind of attention to detail you rarely see and since we don’t always have the budget to stay in hotels like that the experience with bathrooms varies wildly. We’ve had bathrooms where the shower was located directly above the toilet, making it a very wet experience if you had to go to the loo. We had bathrooms such as the one you see in the first picture where we were basically located directly in the jungle. No roof, just a tent around the “bathroom”


And while that was totally perfect for the early morning shower… going to the toilet in the middle of the night meant taking a flashlight with you and a toilet full of large ants… I never really looked around in great detail.. I mean, it was still the jungle and it was middle of the night and I did have a flashlight with me, so you can guess where this is going right? Light attracts all sorts of animals… I still preferred this to the showershack below where – again in the jungle – we had to go out of our hut to go to the toilet at night and while that maybe sounds fairly simple what happened was that our little hut (on stilts because of the large alligators surrounding the area and other nasty creepies and crawlies) was about 200 meters away from the shower and toilet building. At night it was the only area that had light on


And so close to the water we not only had to be careful not to walk into an alligator, we also had to look around the toilet closely for anything dangerous. And well, even the not so dangerous animals might not be all too pleasant when you take your pants down! How I wished I was a boy that first night! :)

And the next morning it was always a surprise to see whatever was still hiding in the shower cabinets. We usually first paid a visit with our camera’s in hand. You never really knew what you would see! ( and I wanted to show you this photo I have of a giant beetle that we found in the shower one day but for the life of me… I cannot find it! :( )

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