For some reason I have only ever been to Italy one day… Yes ladies and gentleman one lousy and waaay too short day! We’ve been planning to go to Italy for years really as we both love Italy and the Italian food, but for some reason the destinations of our holidays always changed to be different. Maybe because Italy is so close, but I can’t really think of a good reason. I had the luck that I could travel for my previous job to Italy once and we spend the night in a beautiful little town of Mantova (close to Verona) where I took the photo you see above. It was really a lucky shot as it was late in the evening and I did not bring a tripod ofcourse, so this was handheld with a shutterspeed of 1/10s at iso 1600, but it is – apart from noisy – miraculously sharp! We only stayed there for one night coming in late in the evening and we had to be at a factory the day after which basically meant we would not be able to see anything of the town at all. So instead of accepting that fact I chose to get up at 5 am in the morning and take a morning walk through the slowly awakening town of Mantova and that was a truly magical moment! It was a beautiful day so the sun was just coming out. It was cold (it was februari) but so beautiful!


I do have more photos but I can’t find them anywhere… Those where taken back in the days when my filing system was not so good! Not that it is perfect now, but at least I can find things back..:)

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to Italy with a friend for 5 days!! She is buying an appartment or a little house there and we are going househunting. Her husband had to work, so I’m going along for the company. Needless to say that househunting is just one of the things we will be doing there. We’re flying to Verona, staying in a hotel in Sirmione and – of all places – we’re also going to look at a house very close to Mantova! What are the chances??

So if it is gonna be a little quiet here, you know that I am not here. I might be able to post still via my blackberry, but the pictures will be crappy and I won’t be able to read comments but hey, I’m only gonna be gone for 5 days anyway!

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