We had been planning our trip to Tuscany for a while now. We would go via France, have a stopover in a conveniently located town called Alba and then move on further down into Tuscany. Alba, we picked mainly because it was en route and seemed to be ok for passing through.

It didn’t really start very well. We couldn’t find the street we were supposed to go to and ended up in an industrial looking area. I called the owner of the Bed & Breakfast we had booked and he managed to steer us in the right direction. That still didn’t impress us, as we had to park our car in front of an office building. Not what you expect from a nice place to stay in Italy right?


The man greeted us in front of the building and let us upstairs. Marble staircase, elevator; looked like your average office building really. Including the empty offices… So we looked at eachother with a knowing smile and were braising ourselves for a big disappointment.

But as soon as he opened the door we were whisked into a totally different world. Large spacious, beautifully decorated and smelling of freshly made coffee. The lady of the house welcomed us with a warm smile and even though her English was rudimentary we felt more then welcome. She showed us the rooms, large spacious and also pretty colorful and she explained the ins and outs of the place. Which was a little bit hard to understand in her rapid Italian but we managed somehow to understand each other.

Alba, the city, was as big a surprise as our lovely home for the night. It’s a beautiful little city with lots of good places to eat, little shops, a large market (if you’re on the right day) and had we known upfront what a gem of a city this would be, we would have booked another night. We were almost sorry to continue on our journey towards Tuscany as we would have loved to spend another night there.


Fantastic breakfast!

We’re thinking of going back to Italy soon and I already know where we will be having a sleepover on the way down; definitely Alba again, only this time we will stay for two nights! Highly recommended!!

La Terrazza Sulle Torri

Viale Torino n. 6
12051 Alba (cn)
tel. +39.0173. 440741
tel. – fax. +39.0173. 591870
cell. + 39.3347973491 = + 39.3803100175
Email info@laterrazzasulletorri.it

Disclosure: We paid for our own visit to Alba and to La Terraza Sulle Tori and no one asked us to write about it. Our visit was in 2010

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