Well maybe the title of this blog is not really appropriate considering the fact that we are now sitting on our balcony in an incredible noisy hotel. It’s a huge hotel and I think they are filling it in the off season with noisy schoolkids! Lucky us. Yesterday was bad but I think today is dramatic. Ofcourse that is not the only thing I’m gonna tell you although this hotel is really something we are going to laugh about years from now!

Starting with our waterpipes; if you go to the toilet – let’s say in the middle of the night – you kind of wake up the entire hotel, it makes that much noise!! Plus let’s not talk about the showe…:) Anyway on about Italy rather then our hotel; we are staying in the town of Sirmione which is really beautiful and the town centre is incredible! This morning we had an appointment to look at a few appartments (Jacq – my friend – is looking to buy a second house in this area) but those were really rundown and very disappointing. So over lunch we were thinking of checking other houses but I think Jacq was already wondering if they would be able to buy a decent house in the pricerange they wanted. For lunch I had a insalata caprese with an enormous amount of buffallo mozarella (- love cheese but this was a bit too much!!) and after we had more cheese (let’s face it; you can never have too much cheese!) The houses we checked in the afternoon were sooo much better, so that was good. I haven’t told you that the weather is fantastic right? We woke up this morning to a lovely sunny and blue sky with about 26 degrees C. I won’t bore you with more house stories but it’s been busy today and probably also tomorrow so I haven’t had much time to take photos other then from the appartments so we can send them to her hubby to check and make a first choice. But we still have a couple more days to go and not all will be filled with househunting so I hope the weather stays like this! Fingers crossed and till next time!20090422-8597

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