I can’t believe how fast time flies since I am back from my trip to Ireland. it seems too long ago already and I haven’t even told you about my wonderful visit to the Wise family yet!! After the great workshop I hopped into my trusty rental car (a small Ford Ka) and drove through the rain from the North to a more southward location in Galway. Well. not that south meant necessarily meant more sunshine but it was the south of Ireland and no longer Northern Ireland. Having never been to Ireland I hadn’t realized that I would need two different currencies. Irish pounds in the north and euro’s in the south. Weird… And a bit unhandy too but ok, remember the days you needed a different currency for every country? I arrived at Mona’s and Ron’s around midday on a Monday and good thing I was forewarned as there were 10 kids present at that time.


Ten kids, 31 birds, a dog and a cat…. Did I miss anything? O and ofcourse 6 adults too.. 🙂 It was probably a good thing for my sanity that four of those kids plus two of the adults were leaving that evening so after a gorgeous and delicious Chinese meal (featuring that awesome pork belly you see in the middle of the above picture, for which the recipe will be placed in the Sunday Times of this week by Mona) there were only 6 kids left. I have to say that I was totally impressed with how well they behaved really. I mean, they were kids, so naughty and cheeky and all the other things kids do, but certainly not in a bad way. We have no kids so it can sometimes be a little overwhelming and kids won’t be kids if they start testing you to see how far they can go. Lol… But I loved their company. Great fun and they even let me sleep in a little every day! I had expected something very different I can assure you!


Mona and Ron raise all the birds (ducks, chickens, turkey’s and guinea fowls) for food ultimately but that doesn’t mean they do not have a great life in that between period. They get to roam around freely every day and look at that gorgeous turkey in the above shot… Yes, a bit ugly but also very beautiful. I never knew that a turkey could change colors. See how red and blue her head is here? It got completely red and then completely blue at other moments… We had one of those gorgeous duck eggs almost every day for breakfast and they are larger but taste the same as a chicken egg. At least I never noticed any difference. Now the only animal I was not too fond of was the crazy black rooster


See that beautiful fellow above? He is next on the chopping board instead of the evil black one… I went through my photos and funny enough I do not have a picture of that evil black bird either. He must have been jealous as he did attack me… Sort of… Thankfully Jack and Rory came to my rescue immediately. lol.. I did have a renewed respect for the crazy fellow after that though. I hope he ended up on the chopping board instead of pretty boy above!

As for the food… well, what can I say? That did certainly not disappoint and I have eaten really really well. I loved the interaction between Ron and Mona in the kitchen and don’t believe Mona when she says she can’t cook, because she can! Of course we had witnessed that already once during plate to page but when I was there she made some delicious courgette muffins, some cheesy biscuits and some other very tasty things too.


So thanks again Ron and Mona for having me over and you can be sure that I will be back at some point dragging Tom along!


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