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We’re back! Finally, I might add, as this holiday is arguably one of the worst we ever had or did. And I can’t really blame the resort for that, so it’s not that it’s a bad one. It has everything to do with our inability to do nothing.
On hindsight I should NEVER have booked an all inclusive holiday. In my mind, sun, sea and two weeks of doing virtually nothing sounded really good after a busy period, but after two days I was bored…
Because it literally is only that ; sun, sea and rather bad food.


They do have fresh fruit in Mexico

If you want to go out of the resort, there are plenty of excursions to choose from, but they’re all overpriced and in large groups. We initially wanted to do that but decided not to as it would – most likely – have been another disappointment.
We went into town. To Playa del Carmen, but that has become so touristic that it’s almost the same as the resort with the exception that you have to pay for everything instead…
We could have hired a car, but distances are long here and we’ve been to this area before so all the major sights we had seen already. And it was also massively expensive…


Diner at La Riviera

So we decided to “sit this one out” and just count the days until the holiday was finally over and we could fly home.
I know it sounds really bad and I know there are tons of people who would love to go on a vacation like this but it’s just totally not for us. We’re unsuitable for this type of holiday.
And I’m disappointed with myself for making such a poor choice. For the money we spend we could have gone to Asia for three weeks and explore, to name just one… We want to explore, eat in small local restaurants and experience new things. Get uncomfortable in local transport and sleep in weird little pensions. Meet like minded people (which we also did not find here. No surprise there…lol)


On the bright side: we got a tan… ๐Ÿ™‚ And my favorite part of the day was watching the monkeys every morning from our bedroom. We woke up early, usually 6 am, opened all the windows and then just had a coffee while we would watch the monkeys peering into our rooms.

So bottom line; expensive lesson learned… Tom and Simone should NEVER be allowed to go to an all inclusive resort. Period. ๐Ÿ™‚

Monkeys on our balcony every morning


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