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How to survive the party pressure

How to survive the party pressure |

Party pressure

You’re invited to a birthday party and straight away you know that spells trouble. Your best friend/family/relatives (fill in whatever is appropriate) don’t understand that whole “paleo-thing” and you just know there will be very little food you’d want to eat. Cake, beer and loads of chips is probably what will be on the menu.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel really tempted to give in to the pressure and just go with the flow. Knowing that you’ll regret that decision just a few hours later. Just to be clear: I do not have any food allergies. So technically I can eat cake, bread, dairy and whatever else they put on the table without getting sick. I just know that I will definitely not be feeling my best afterwards and – more importantly – once I give in to the temptations I have a hard time staying on track. (Food freedom where are you when I need you??)

I would love to be able to have a bite here and there if I really feel it is worth it, but I know that I am not in that place yet. I struggle with things like that. Plus – most likely – the food at the party is not worth it to begin with.

I find that having to explain to people what paleo is and why I eat like that in the first place is troublesome. I hate doing it. I certainly don’t want to sound preachy and I have a couple of friends who are very much ‘anti’ healthy. Yes really, it exists. And not eating certain food groups is something they cannot possibly understand or wánt to understand. And I definitely do not want to get into a discussion on that.

So how do you handle the social pressure of eating that cake or diving into the rum and coke drinks? Here are my tips for survival but if you have any you’d like to add? Feel free to do so!

  1. I make sure I have eaten something before going to the party. It’s never a good idea to arrive hungry as that spells trouble all over
  2. Bring something of your own to contribute to the party and make sure it is paleo friendly. There are lots of delicious paleo treats where no one would ever suspect it is paleo in the first place. Most people asociate paleo with the equivalent of raw vegetables and meat…
  3. Once at the party look for anything you can eat or drink and just politely decline the cake, booze or whatever else you don’t want to have. Don’t start talking about the reasons why, just smile and say ‘no thanks. I’m having this or that’
  4. Don’t stand next to the bowl of chips (or cake or rum or…) as there is only so much will power going around
  5. Sometimes when the pressure is on, I lie a little bit. When I am asked for the 3rd time to have a slice of cake I say that I just had a big meal and am still full. If they complain about that you can say that you didn’t know there would be so much food.
  6. If there are nuts go with those and nibble on something from time to time. That will make sure not to raise any suspicions.

I’m still an absolute beginner when it comes to handling the social pressure. If you have any tips to add to the above or if you think those are really bad tips please tell me! I love to learn a better way and maybe people just also have to get used to things.

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