Sorry about posting an upside down photo on the post yesterday, but I’m posting via email so I couldn’t really change it. The day started really good with lots of sunshine this morning so we were hoping for another beautiful day but unfortunately the weather changed during the day and now it’s raining a bit… 🙁 We went to look for a house today in Volta Mantovana. A very small town but the apartment was really beautiful. Not sure if they will pick it but we’ll see. We’ve been driving around the country side and the area is really beautiful, with lots of vineyards and agriturismo so we’ve been enjoying the area a lot.


Because the tourist season has not started yet a lot of things are still closed so it can sometimes be hard to find a place to eat. Plus for some reason it seems we start to think about food a bit too late, so the restaurants are already closed for lunch break (or fiesta or however you want to call it) and today we ended up in a tiny village cafe. As soon as we got out of the car it was quite obvious that they are not used to tourists here! We were the highlight of the day there. And as we entered the local pub you could almost hear the gathered locals (all men of course) whisper to each other ‘what the heck are those two doing here??’ The only other female was the lady behind the counter and she was really very pleasant! I shouldn’t have picked a pizza though as that was really not a good example of Italian food!! But what can you expect in a pub? (Ok,ok, ofcourse I know plenty of examples where the pubs serve really good food but you haven’t seen this particular pub.) Driving back through the countryside we ended up at Desenzano but the sky was getting darker and darker so we went indoors to have a drink. It hasn’t really rained very hard as yet, but the temperature has dropped considerably compared to yesterday, so we went back to the hotel to change into something a little warmer.

Dinner tonight was at a charming little trattoria with Nicola, Bianca and the kids. As a starter I had pastitio followed by rabbit. I’ve never had rabbit before (can’t help but think of the cute little fluffy animals… Yes, I’m a softie!!) And it was a bit dry but quite tasty. Afterward we went for a drink to Bink and Nicola’s and now we’re back in the hotel with a brand new group of very noisy kids. You should have seen the drama unfold yesterday. We were sitting on our balcony and the kids were all opposite our room on the other wing of the hotel. The kids were – at some point – with 12 in one room and running back and forth making noise as only kids in their puberty can do. I think one of the customers complained so the hotel manager was standing under te balconies telling them to go to sleep but as soon as he lifted his heels they were back. Untill all of a sudden a few of the teachers appeared and that was the end of it. But for now it’s bed time for me too!


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