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Home alone, now what??

Have you ever wondered why being home alone can be such a tricky thing?

You’ve been really good with your food all day long, it didn’t feel hard or annoying at any moment and you feel strong. Your significant other has plans for the evening and you wave him out the food. But as soon as he sets foot out of the door you dive head first into the cupboard to find any leftover morsels. Or may be you do other things, make plans for your dinner for one, but soon enough you wonder what things you can eat. Like chocolate or cake or something sugary. Now that’s weird right?

Just the other day Tom was out for dinner with friends. He does that once every few months and meets up with his brother and friends for drinks and food in Amsterdam. Which is always kind of nice so I have an evening all by myself to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy or another similar series. So far so good. But every time he leaves I say to myself I will be good this time. And every single time as soon as he leaves the door my mind starts playing tricks on me. It convinces me I do need that piece of chocolate because haven’t I worked hard all day? And one piece of chocolate is not going to ruin my eating right? It is astonishing how fast I can derail. It drives me bananas.

Falling for the cookies

Does it sound familiar to you?

In theory I know perfectly well how to behave. I know into detail what sugar does to my mind and to my body and yet…. and yet I fall for it. I’ve just read the book Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig and so many of the things she says make total sense for me. And it is a relief to know that I am not the only one. I thought I was for a long time. I figured there was something wrong with me. As it turns out loads of people do the exact same thing… It’s your inner child playing tricks on you!

I realise also that it is probably time for another reset. I feel I am sliding of the wagon fast so I’ve set the date for a new whole30. I have a trip planned to Germany on June 14th. Once I am back on June 18th I’ll be starting a new whole30. I’m ready for it! Time to put the sugar dragon back to sleep.

Do you go out of control when you’re home alone? And what do you do to prevent it from happening?

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