The sweat slowly starts to trickle down my back as we stand in line at the Orangery restaurant in Kensington Gardens. It’s one of those late summer hot days and the waiting line for the restaurant is in the middle of the terrace, in the scorching sun… I feel the sweat starting to go down from my temple and appear at the side of my head. I look around at the ladies and gentlemen also patiently waiting their turn and they all look so impeccable and undisturbed by the heat… I look at Tom and am pleased to see he is having a hard time too… 🙂


Thank goodness we do not have to wait that long to be whisked inside to a cool table by the open window. The entire restaurant breaths light. It is white and airy and beautiful. Busy too. Apparently we are not the only souls in London thinking of having a posh high tea at the Orangery as we see elderly couples, all dressed up for a posh sunday, tourists like us, just coming to have a look what all the fuzz is about, as well as groups of girlsfriends, who are behaving like Sex and the City-girls.. 🙂 It’s lovely to just sit there and people watch. We try and guess why everyone is doing what they do, we spy on an elderly couple behaving rather odd. The man stands up, walks to the entrance, walks back, sits down and then repeats the process, while the woman sits – rather uncomfortably – and keeps checking her hair in the tiny mirror she keeps in her handbag. We envision all sorts of scenario’s but it turns out they are just waiting for their friends to arrive! We promptly receive a menu card with – rather shockingly high – prices and various kinds of high teas. We’re not very hungry so we opt for a smaller high tea which is still 18 pounds. A pretty steep price for a cup of tea and some biscuits (scone, biscuits, sandwiches) but ok, it’s the experience that counts.


O.. now that’s a coincidence.. I hadn’t even seen that before in the picture above, but do you see that lady in front here holding her camera and taking pictures of the food??!! I must have been in the company of another foodblogger close by and never realized it.. lol..

Anyway, back on topic; the food was good, but as I said, rather overpriced. Still I loved the place; perfect for a Sunday afternoon and it’s just a gorgeous location. Afterwards, having a nice stroll in the park to get rid of the excess calories is a good way to spend the rest of the day too.

The Orangery Restaurant
Kensington Palace
Kensington Gardens
W8 4PX
020 3 166 6112


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