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Herbal ricotta with crispy parma; challenge 2

Ok, I have to confess this wasn’t really a challenge I had set myself upfront, since we were merely trying out new recipes for Christmas buffet…
We are having people over for both days this year, which means a lot of cooking is involved! Instead of making more of the same we figured we try some new recipes, so I had been browsing the net for small sized amuse recipes and came up with a few good ones. So today we bought all the necessary ingredients and started cooking together.
Obviously the original recipes had a photo on it as well and since I couldn’t resist taking photos this afternoon I figured I could post the “before and after” as well for these ones. As you can probably tell I have not tried to replicate the original version, but merely gave it a new twist.
I haven’t tasted the final results yet, as we are planning on having it for dinner along with some of the other dishes we made (yes and photographed, so more to come here!).
I did ofcourse taste the various ingredients while I was seasoning the ricotta and I think it is going to be very tasty.
We also made some filled eggs but for some reason the filling was too liquid so didn’t really stay in the egg and certainly didn’t look very good. Not sure if we will keep that in the menu as I just thought they were a bit too plain.
For tomorrow I will show you the results of the salmontartar with rocketoil, although the light sort of left and I had left my tripod in the studio, so these are all done handheld. While the light was still quite good when I was doing the first dish by the time I was ending with the salmon it was getting darker and not so good… It’ll have to do!


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Kruidenricotta met spek |
Prep Time
16 hrs
Cook Time
16 hrs
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Kruidenricotta met spek |
Herbal ricotta with crispy parma
Servings: 8
  • 6 slices of coppa di parma we used prosciutto di parma. Not sure if that is the same actually
  • 1 tbsp of fresh basil chopped finely
  • 1 tbsp of fresh parsley
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice
  • 125 gr ricotta
  • 8 tbsp of humus
  1. Fry the slices of coppa di parma in a dry anti stick frying pan at medium high fire.
  2. Add basil, parsley and lemon juice through the ricotta and add salt and pepper to taste. Use 8 small glasses to put one tablespoon of humus on each glass and divide the herbal ricotta over the glasses. Crumble the ham and stick the pieces in the ricotta.

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