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The heat is on and water with melon and cucumber

Summer drinks: water with melon and cucumber |

It has been swelteringly hot here lately. We literally went from autumn and 15˚C to 35˚C in a day. From tropical rain to tropical sunshine in less than 24 hours. “it’s the new climate” I hear people around me say. Due to all sorts of changes in the earth atmosphere the climate has changed becoming hotter in the summer and wetter in the winter. Not so cold in the winter. I always wonder what will be the downfall of the human race.. Will it be Mother Nature striking back or will it be humans themselves wiping out all existence?

Lately I am thinking it is possibly the last. Every weekend there is another disaster of epic proportions. This weekend is was a kid in Munich who decided it would be ‘cool’ to go into a MacDonalds and start shooting around him, killing 9 people in the process, or a suicide bomber in Afghanistan who killed 61 and wounded countless others. I just don’t know anymore what the world is coming to. It drives me insane thinking about it and fills me with endless sadness. I just cannot – for the life of me – understand why people do that to one another. I can also see no way of stopping things like this. They are attacks done by one single person. That is so much harder to stop than an army. Instead they are armies of one. Infinitely more deadly.

Summerdrinks |

So we life our lives and go on with daily stuff; work, play, blogging. We have to as there is no other way. If we hide and change our routines that would be what the “other side” wants right? They want us to be afraid, they want us to change who we are I guess. In the end I think the only people who can stop this madness is us. The collective human race. Black, white, yellow and any color in between. We are the only ones who can put a stop to the violence, the hate, the crimes. The sentence ‘Love thy neighbour” gets a whole new meaning I think.

What if we just accept everyone for what they are? Beliefs, religion, color, whatever… it does not matter. We are all of the same race. Born on the same planet, where we all have our own little space. Can we just not live in peace?

Obviously not, but I can always hope and wish and try to follow those principles. And in the meantime I give you this delicious refreshing drink to conquer the heat.

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Summer drinks: water with melon and cucumber |
Water with melon and cucumber
Total Time
5 mins
  • 1 sweet melon
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • Sparkling or still water
  • Optional: mint
  1. Cut small balls from the melon and cut the cucumber in ribbons. Fill a jug with water (sparkling or not, your choice) and add the cucumber and the melon to it.
  2. Keep in the fridge for an hour before serving so it becomes nice and cold.
  3. Add mint leaves if you want.


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  1. 5 stars
    It is so hot here in LA that I am always looking for a cooling drink and this is perfect. Thank you.

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