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Don’t tell me you’re not curious… I tell you I want to loose weight and the next posts are all about sweet goodness and high sugar treats.. Well, I can proudly tell you that I have lost 5 kilo sofar, in a little over four weeks, so I am very proud of myself!  I love the whole Weight Watchers program (they are not paying me to say this though!!) where you have the flexibility of saving points to use if you have a dinner, or add more exercise so you can eat more; it’s stuff like that, that makes it perfect for me. I try and plan my meals for the week so I know where the problem areas/days are gonna be. If I am out of inspiration to come up with healthy meals myself, there is always the ww website with plenty of lovely and tasty ideas for lunch or dinner. So I am never out of ideas really (as if I would ever, with a gazillion cookbooks and magazines lying around!! 🙂 ) and this small lunch was another tasty example. I mean it’s rather basic, but I love ryebread and this is with philadelphia and gardencress.. Very tasty!

Healthy lunch |

I even managed to do the Daring Bakers challenge for this month ahead of time! How good is that.

Saturday Tom and I are going to try out the table smoker that we recieved as a gift from his parents and the idea is to smoke a very freshly caught trout. It was caught on sunday and frozen (after cleaning) straight away, so it should be fresh. We have never smoked anything before, so I am curious how it is gonna turn out but I will for sure let you know all about it! If you hae any tips on how best to smoke a trout… please let me know!

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