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Happy birthday to me!


🙂 I was wondering what to name this post and then I thought ‘O, what the heck…’ Anyone can know I became 25 today (and a bit..) lol… Ok truth be told it is my 47th birthday today… Jeeezzz, don’t you agree that that is dangerously close to 50? I don’t feel 50 or 47 for that matter, but then again, I have no idea how I am supposed to feel at this age!! Don’t we all have that? I mean; when you’re young the only thing you want to do is become ‘old’ and mature to be able to do the things you want to do and then all of a sudden you find yourself well… old…. 🙂

I always thought – when I was around 16 or 18 years – that life would be over when you got to around 30 (!). You would have a house, kids and an utterly boring life. I am quite happy to report that nothing could be further from the truth!! Ok, I do have a house, but that is the only thing that is how I pictured it. No kids (not because we didn’t want to) and certainly not a boring life! Tom and I have been together for 18 years (our anniversary was on february 1st!) and we’re still very happy together, so nothing boring there either. I don’t want to go as far as to say that my life is perfect (far from!!) but it’s a pretty good life most of the time. And we wouldn’t appreciate the highs if there weren’t any lows, right? (or so I have been told)

I never celebrate my birthday. I just don’t like it. Nothing to do with getting older either, as I haven’t celebrated any birthdays since I was in my twenties. Probably something to do with the birthdays we used to have at my parents house. Big family, boring birthday… 🙂 Instead we tend to spend it together Tom and I. Sometimes we go away on a trip (we’ve been to the UK, to Barcelona and to more exotic locations during my birthdays) and sometimes we go out for dinner and sometimes we just stay indoors and have a nice piece of cake. Today might be one of the last. We haven’t actually decided yet, but it is freezing cold outside so it is tempting to snuggle up in the warmth indoors and watch a movie (or two)


Instead I am just gonna celebrate my birthday with you all and I baked a cake for everyone to enjoy! Wouldn’t it be seriously fun if I could actually extend somehow that cake and give you each a slice? It’s nothing special but tastes very good. Regular cake that I filled with apple and blueberries and topped with a lemon icing. I love lemon… and I love this cake!

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  1. A very very happy birthday to one of the most sincere and generous people I know!! May you have a great day whatever you decide to do – just remember save a slice of that gorgeous cake for Tom!

  2. Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy your cake. Have a lovely day!

  3. Happy Birthday Simone.

  4. Happy birthday to you! I don’t really celebrate my birthday either. I am turning 30 in two months… and apparently life will be over! 😉

  5. Happy, happy birthday dear Simone……you do not have to feel old or be old… long as you are young at heart, it is all that matters…Hope you are spoiled rotten!!!!

  6. Happy birthday to you! Have a nice day with delicious food and good wine.
    Groetjes, Margreet

  7. Happy Birthday Simone. I hope it’s a very fun day for you!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Simone, Happy Birthday! What time shall we come over for coffee and cake?

  10. Happy Birthday Simone!! Love the Cake and it looks so beautifull….

  11. Wow, happy birthday Simone! I’m 46 myself so I do have an idea of what it feels like to that… old 😉 And lovely cake for a celebration, have a wonderful day!

  12. Wow, happy birthday Simone! I’m 46 myself so I do have an idea of what it feels like to be that… old 😉 And lovely cake for a celebration, have a wonderful day!

  13. Happy happy birthday! Sigh…when I was younger I thought I would know everything by the time I was 25…I’m 35 now and that’s far from the truth! Haha! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day…with a cake like that there is no doubt!

  14. Happy birthday, Simone!

    No, your life is certainly not boring, at least not the parts that you blog about! Your “joy of living” shows in nearly all your posts, which is one of the reasons I love your blog (ok, the delicious food and beautiful pictures have something to do with it too). If I can have such a good outlook on life when I get to be 47, I’ll be pretty grateful.

  15. Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarius 🙂 I hope your day was great and that cake looks fantastic!!!

  16. Happy birthday Simone and thank you so much to share this wonderful birthday cakle with us ;))

  17. Simone, gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!
    Als ik die cake zo zie zou ik ook willen dat ik een hapje kon nemen 🙂

  18. Happy birthday, Simone! Don’t you feel like you know yourself a little better every year? I had no clue who I was in my 20s and probably half my 30s either. I’m heading to 42 now and I know me! : )
    Have a great one!

  19. I don’t really celebrate my bday much either. Not so important after i left the 20’s behind 🙂

    Happy Birthday. 25 is always a good year 🙂

  20. happy Birthday!!!!!! 🙂

  21. Happy Birthday Simone! All the best! Enjoy that lovely cake!

  22. Happy Birthday, Simone! Hey, who’s counting? ha!ha!ha! Enjoy your special day!

  23. Mmmmmm…Apples, blueberries, lemon? I’d LOVE to have a slice! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Simone! I once received a birthday card that stated: “I finally figured out how old, old is…it’s however old you are plus 10 years!” So true:) It’s all relative:)

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry I didn’t get to wish you a happy day sooner. Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  25. HI Simone! happy belated hatch day! and ur anniversary with tom on 1 feb was my birthday 🙂 how coincidental.

    anyway its a nice little cake you got there.. something nice, small sweet 🙂

    enjoy the rest of ur week ahead! venturing and exploring new places! 🙂

  26. Happy birthday dear Simone!I just love the look of your cake… it seems so tasty!

  27. Simone, happy Bithday!! Yeah!!

    Your cake looks very good & very tempting!! A big slice, thank you!

  28. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful, bright sunny cake 😀 Have a lovely day, you so deserve it

  29. Happy Birthday Simone. Bonne Fete from Quebec, Canada. I wish you all the best and especially many more years of creatvity, traveling and fun. I agree with you that life is farther than being boring. It is us who decide how we want our lives to be. So enjoy every second and keep posting your great articles and pictures. We await your post impatiently.

  30. Hi new friend and Happy Birthday! This cake looks great….as long as there is cake, health and someone to celebrate with than all is great in my book! Your blog is lovely. I have just added it to my RSS feed.

  31. Your cake is so beautiful.
    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy it 🙂

  32. Happy belated bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here’s to many more happy and exciting years!

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  34. Happy Birthday!!! 47 is the new 25! Beautiful cake for what I hope was a lovely day!

  35. Happy belated birthday! The cake looks really light and fluffy!

  36. Happy belated birthday! The bread looks amazing! So beautiful.

  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from CHRISTIE, IAN, and best of all….. COCO BEAN CHANEL!!!

  38. Happy birthday, Simone!
    You didn’t even mentioned it when I told you we’re having a birthday party for my daugther over the weekend. You’re only a few days apart (+ a few years… 🙂 )

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl! God, you look 10 years younger! It is great that you are happy with your life choices so far. There is nothing worse than regret in life. I hope that you will be happy and well for a long long long long time still!

  40. Happy belated Birthday, Simone! And happy anniversary as well! You should start celebrating your birtday, just for the hell of it!

  41. Oh no, I missed your birthday!! Happy belated birthday Simone! And remember, age is not what matters! The important thing is how you feel! 25? Not bad at all!! 🙂

  42. Happy belated birthday, Simone! Wish you wonderful years of great cooking, baking, blogging, photographing, and enjoying life with Tom!

    And yes, a slice of that apple blueberry cake with lemon icing will make my day!!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  43. Again, a very Happy 47th (he he – “dangerously close to 50!” Yipes!) and the way you celebrate is simply perfect although no matter how you celebrate a birthday you DO need a cake! This one sounds so scrumptious with the fruit in it. Yum! And as I’ve said before – we’ll be waiting for you on the other side 🙂 Hugs to you!

  44. happpy birthday! i am 21, ok turning 22 this year and i do think my life is going to end soon! haha. not really. i dont think ahead much really. i LOVE lemon too and your cake is just perfect for a birthday:)

  45. Happy Birthday! 47 is nowhere near over. You’re almost at the halfway point ;D. This year will be wonderful!

  46. OMG, I can’t believe I missed it! Happy Belated Birthday!

  47. Happy Belated birthday. I’m just catching up. But your cake tastes really good.

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