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Off to greener pastures


For the next couple of weeks Tom and I will be gone… We will be roaming the country of Indonesia and more specifically Nusa Tengara (Lombok, Gilli Meno, Sumbawa, Komodo and Flores) where we will be travelling between the various islands.

There will still be posts here and even a guestpost by the famous Olga from Mango and Tomato! So make sure to check back on a regular basis.

I will be posting our adventures in Indonesia while they happen through email posting (if technology doesn’t fail) and I might even have a crappy picture to go along with it since I can only send photos taken with my mobile. Feel free to comment as I can read the comments, I just won’t be able to reply back or comment on your blogs. That’ll have to wait untill we’re back.

So for now Selamat tinggal and sampai jumpa lagi!

And because I am usually the one behind the camera we have this habit of taking our own photo every time we go on a holiday, be it short or long, and you get crazy photos like the ones below…. 🙂 Which means we have at least one photo of us together for every holiday!


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