I had this really cool assignment today. Pretty big one too as I have much more work to do then what I have done today and I totally love it!! It’s for the city council, as they are going to promote one of the areas of the town I live in. The idea is to focus on the “harbourfeeling” and the fact that there are several good specialty stores in that area as well. It’s gonna be a pretty major campaign so I am quite excited to be part of this. I did a cheese shop today and a fish restaurant Krab aan de Haven of which you see a few of the photos I took.

I do honestly think I can say that I have one of the coolest jobs out there…:) It’s hard at times, because being your own boss can be frightening at times and uncertain at other times, but in general I totally love it. When I took the plunge to go on my own about two years ago I had no idea what was going to happen. I am not the person to plan it all out and maybe I should have had more business goals or something along those lines when starting out.

Ofcourse I was lucky in the sense that I already had a couple of customers when I started plus my stockphotography was going very well already, so the base was there. Still… it could have all backfired right?

To me this is the first year that things all seem to work out so much better. It’s still true that a lot of people are bad in planning, so that means that I can have no jobs in the foreseeable future and all of a sudden everyone is calling at the same time, so I have to jump through hoops to get it all done in time. Now my true passion is culinary photography as well as lifestyle photography and I am just so happy that the last couple of assignments were all in that area! Ultimately it is all about knowing the right people, loving what you do, being very active on the internet and ofcourse delivering good work. I’ve spend a lot on marketing myself over the course of 2008 but I honestly wonder how much of that money actually has resulted in new customers. Maybe for weddings, but the majority of the work comes from mouth to mouth or recommendations from other people.


Networking has also got to be the keyword. I am not a huge fan of things like facebook or hyves (Dutch version of Facebook) but both have resulted in new customers! Maybe with the whole economic crisis going on it is too soon to be happy about the coming year already, but this month has been the best ever!

Ofcourse what is good today, can fall apart the next, so I will keep on networking and keep on promoting myself, but in the meantime I think you ought to know that I do have the coolest job in the world!

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