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Gone for a while… :)


Ah… yes…. don’t we all know that feeling of stress before going on a long vacation? I am certainly one that tends to suffer a bit about thinking of all the things that still need to be done before we can enjoy the freedom of three weeks holiday in Italy! I had wanted to spend so much more time reading all your beautiful posts, make that gorgeous dessert for the Daring Bakers and I haven’t even checked out the Daring Cooks for next month either!! 🙁 It’s shocking… but all for a good cause.

In just a few days time; we will be on a long roadtrip to Italy. Cruising around the country of beautiful food and beautiful wine and gorgeous landscapes and hopefully some sunshine too. O and let’s not forget the beautiful history of places such as Sienna or Florence, which we will also be visiting. I am concerned that we will not have enough space in the car to bring back all those lovely goods but I am sure we will manage to stash it to it’s rim…. I am not sure if we will have internet on our trip; and considering the places we will visit it is unlikely in most cases, so you will have to wait until I return but hey, there might be a small post in between… You never know; I might surprise you! So for now; saluti and vedivi piu successivamente (which is supposed to say something like; see you later, but with those online translations… you never really know!

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