After a very long trip (it was a total of 25 hours to get to Indonesia including the stopover in Singapore) we arrived yesterday in the evening in Lombok where our first overnight stay would be. Just one night as today we would be heading further to the lovely sandy beaches of the Gili’s islands. We could actually sleep late today and our very first breakfast here was by the sea… 🙂 how much more idyllic can it get right? I slept reasonably ok although it took a while before I could sleep. I was very happy that Marc and Sandra gave us a very good tip for the 10 hour stay in Singapore and that was to book a room in the transit hotel. It was soooo good to have a little sleep (I can never sleep on an airplane) after 12 hours in the air!! Not to mention the shower… Anyway, the trip today was not too long and it’s lovely out here on tropical Gili Meno. I haven’t yet sampled the local cuisine all that extensively but I am sure we will tonight, so stay tuned! We will be here two nights and then move back to inland Lombok (Tetebatu). Till then! —

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