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Getting fit, the hard way….

Back in the day – roughly eight months ago – when I could still walk and move like a normal person (for as far as I even know what normal is…lol) it was much easier to lose weight. I could even have a snack here and there and still lose some kilo’s in the process. But now that moving is hard(er) it turns out that losing all those kilo’s I gained from being confined to a bed for four months, don’t want to come.


Apparently they have grown fond of me and want to stay. I do think they have overstayed their welcome and I want them to be gone! So I had a couple of options: going on a crashdiet, cycling all day long, stop eating all together or hire a personal trainer. (Obviously there are more options but you get the picture)

I opted for the last one. Not only because she is that ‘stick behind the door’ to keep me moving, but also because she is monitoring what I put in my mouth. I changed physiotherapist too as three months with the ‘old one’ didn’t really give me much results. One visit to the new one and I already feel he has a better grasp of what I should be doing. And let’s face it, at the end of the day, I have to be the one doing it. As much as I wish that the physio or the personal trainer had a magic wand that would make that stupid ankle go away…

So I have started going to the gym twice a week. I can’t do everything (yet) so for cardio I am mostly stuck with the stationary bike as that is putting the least amount of strain on my ankle. I hope to be able to progress to spinning soon. Love spinning and it burns calories way faster than that stationary bike.

Now on to the food

I have an app that I have to use to register all the food I eat. And isn’t it weird that you’re inclined to actually lie about what I have put in my mouth? Like yesterday we had salty nuts. Way too many salty nuts.. and for a moment I hesitated entering it (the PT can see it too!) but I did. Who am I lying to anyway? Myself mostly. Wondering why I haven’t lost weight, while in reality I just put a 1000 calories extra in my mouth… Pfft… So the food intake needs serious work, but it is hard with my job and being around food all day long. Creating recipes requires tasting. And when you taste something really good, you want to have another bite. So I think I should stick to creating healthy recipes only going forward. But that is on the boring side, right? Don’t we all want a treat now and then? O and I do give it away to the neighbours, friends or family but still those bites ad up.

My PT is on holiday right now and when she is back on August 12th we start for real. But in the meantime I really want to at least lose a few kilo’s before she is back. Otherwise it’s embarrassing. And I weigh approximately 25 kilo’s too much. Give or take a few. So I will be giving you a weekly update on my progress. Stay tuned!

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  1. When one gets older, it is less the exercise and more the food you put in your mouth that determines your weight. Different types of diets work for different people. You have to experiment. Exercising keeps you toned but a cal is not a cal is not a cal. Think of 100 Cals of apple versus 100 Cals of roasted nuts. Both are better than 100 Cals of donuts.

    • He Carmen, Yes I know, but it doesn’t help if you can’t move much. I had an accident in december and was stuck in a bed for five months. Felt sorry for myself so ate way too much. And I realize food is the number one factor, but for me getting fit is also very important and rather difficult to do as I still can’t walk properly. 🙂 But will get there!

  2. It’s all about calories. We either eat less or exercise more — but really, cutting calories is SO much easier. No fun to eat less, is it? And salted nuts are one of my weaknesses too. And you’re right — you can eat 1000 calories worth without knowing you’re doing it! Do that every night and that’s about 2 pounds a week. Eeek! That is SO hard to control, isn’t it? With limited exercise options you’ve got a hard road ahead of you. But you can do it, I know. Good luck, and keep us posted.

  3. I am so proud of you and your strength Simone. You really are an inspiration and have not let this accident get you down much. I think i need a PT too – I am just lazy to actually make time and train regularly. It comes and goes in bursts! Hugs to you!

    • I don’t know about that strength really. I try to be strong anyway, but it sucks big time every once in a while. O well, life is what you make of it, right? This week is the first real PT week so wish me luck!

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