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Frying Pan Adventures – Dubai

Klaar maken van de smoked chaat

Preparing the smoked chaat

So I booked my ticket to Dubai, workshop was arranged and I had planned to stay a few extra days. It’s not worth flying all across the continent and back for just two days or so is my humble opinion. So three days extra in Dubai I was gonna have. But as soon as I booked I started thinking on what to do. I do travel quite a bit on my own and it is usually fine, but I still prefer to have some company. Not knowing how that would all turn out I figured I better make sure I have something to do. And what was more appropriate than booked a foodtour in Dubai?

I can’t remember when I first heard about Frying Pan Tours but I do know that I booked straight away. The review of Arva’s tours on Tripadvisor were really good and it seemed the perfect thing to do.


If you have a look at Arva’s site you’ll see that you have various options for tours. Being in Dubai I wanted to do the Arabian food tour but that was not on the days that I would have available so I chose to do the Indian tour instead/ As it turned out that was a good option, as part of Arva’s tour was included in the workshop! I didn’t know that when I booked and I was a little worried I would have the same tour twice, but nothing of the sort happened. The first tour as part of the workshop was all about North African cuisine and we had some great falafel, Moroccan food and exotic icecream.

Photo by Meeta K Wolff

Photo by Meeta K Wolff

If I would have to tell you what the biggest difference was between the two tours I can tell you without a doubt that it was the camera’s… Lol… That first day we were all falling over eachother to get the best shot, as foodbloggers do. And than the second day I was the only one with a camera (Iphone’s not taken into account)! How weird was that. I almost felt a little self conscious taking out the big thing…


Pastilla wordt aangesneden

Pastilla wordt aangesneden


The Indian tour was more extensive and more about Indian streetfood than anything else. The food was absolutely amazing and what I loved about the tour is that we ate in places you normally wouldn’t even look at. Small authentic tiny tiny restaurants where you only find the locals. (well and us)

My absolute favorite of the evening was the Pani Puri (which is a water filled Indian fried dough ball) at Sind Punjab, near Astoria Hotel. But quite frankly all the food was really good.

Waiting for sugar cane juice

Waiting for sugar cane juice with lemon

The smoked chaas at Rajdhani on Rolla Road (our starting point and the first photo) was surprising and delicious too. Arva is a great guide as she knows so much about the food but also about the vendors that we visited. She has been coming to some of them for years, so she is well known in the area. She mixes all of her knowledge into a fun and humorous tour and as far as I am concerned; if you’re a foodie and visiting Dubai you just have to take a Frying Pan tour. It would be silly not to.

Dhokla at Rangoli Restaurant (near cosmos lane)

Dhokla at Rangoli Restaurant (near cosmos lane)


Layered Potato kulcha and onion kulcha (stuffed bread from Amritsar), with sweet lassi at Kulcha King, near Lobo Tailors

Layered Potato kulcha and onion kulcha (stuffed bread from Amritsar), with sweet lassi at Kulcha King, near Lobo Tailors


Arva legt onderweg van alles uit

Arva legt onderweg van alles uit

Frying Pan Adventures

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