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From food photographer to health coach

You can never say that I haven’t made some pretty interesting choices in my life along the way… From being an operations manager at a major sports company to starting out as a photographer, moving to food photography and giving workshops to now moving to another field entirely: health coaching…

I can almost see you frown your eyes; what’s she gonna be doing now?? I guess for me it all started after I got my accident, which is now 3,5 years ago. It’s funny when people tell you that major disasters in their life eventually led to a new direction in life and I guess this was mine.

Interest in food

It didn’t happen overnight but my interest in food was always there. The accident and my will to make sure I healed as good as possible just catapulted it into overdrive. Not too long after I was finally able to walk again I went on my first nutrition education and after a year got the first degree. I then moved on to become a coach in hormones and everything that goes along with it. I have done a few other short courses in between and am doing three as we speak with the Primal Health Coach being the major one.

I’ve not always been a huge fan of the primal way of living but I’ve been seeing and feeling the differences in my own body so it only made sense to go in this direction. I’m loving the course so far even though I’m only 2 weeks in. Lol… Still far to go, but that’s ok. I’ve decided to start with changing my career now. I am a certified coach already, I just want to make sure I have more information. You can never know too little.

From food photographer to health coach

O the irony!

Ironically I have been suffering from increased pain in my ankle for the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure what the issue is, but there is a burning sensation combined with decreased flexibility (as in limping again) and stabs of pain. I’m worried as you can imagine but I also know that going to the hospital is likely not the best thing to do. I was there not too long ago for a check up and everything looked fine. As doctors do; they look at the bone. That looks fine so you’re good to go. I’m not ready for a search for another doctor or whatever. I am gonna write down when it occurs (it’s not continuously) and if I can make any sense out of it. It’s what any doctor would be asking me anyway.

Anyway, that is completely irrelevant to me becoming a health coach. Since I live in the Netherlands my main focus is going to be Dutch people obviously and I’ve been working on creating a couple of courses together with a personal trainer and together with a whole30 coach, so we’ll be doing things there.

But I also want to do things online so I’ll definitely be offering some courses in English as well. It might be a while but more to come soon! I’m excited!

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  1. Oh Simone, I’m so excited for you too! I’m not at all surprised to see you going in this direction, and you will be a fabulous coach. Folk will be lucky to work with you 😊

  2. You lead such an interesting life! Being a health coach sounds like an absorbing job. Enjoy!

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