French toast \

Just yesterday I was looking at Simply Recipes, the blog from Elise where she had a mouthwatering photo of some French Toast. I wanted to make a comment but it turned out that the comment section of the site wasn’t working, so I left it at that and then saw on her twitter account that it was up working again. So I went there again this morning and that’s when I just realized that it had been ages that I last had french toast. In fact; I think I can even remember the occassion.

I was in Portland, Oregon for work and the hotel I stayed in had delicious french toast. Not the healthiest of breakfasts but… oooo, so delicious. And let’s face it; you’re all alone in a boring hotel, so you might as well enjoy the good things about it, right? So that was – let me think – at least 5 years ago!! It was 5 years ago since I last had french toast!! Which then got me thinking that I had to have it. So I printed Elise’s recipe, grabbed a few items out of the cupboard downstairs and went to get the remainder at the supermarket before heading to the studio.

I still had some stale bread which was wholewheat. Not very traditional for french toast, but very yummy anyway. I was giving a workshop this afternoon, so I had make sure I was finished with my french toast, before my ‘students’ arrived…


And ooo, how delicious it was! I had bought a bottle of Maple syrup a couple of weeks back when I finally found it so that was the perfect accompaniment to the toast. As Elise is saying; the maple syrup is sweet enough so you don’t really need to add a lot of sugar to it. I just added a bit of icing sugar for the photo. Plus the disadvantage of brown bread is that the browning of the sandwich is not so noticeable as it would be with white bread and I added some fresh raspberries to it…

Even thinking about it makes me want to go and make some more….. but I forgot to take the bread back from the studio… My mother would always say that I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my body… 🙂

For the recipe it’s best to go and check it out on Elise’s site here.

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