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Foodphotography series on Saturday

My problem rarely has anything to do with a lack of inspiration for writing something. My problem is usually more around the fact that I have too many ideas bubbling in that brain of mine. Too much I want to do and too little time. You see there is also something called work which has to be done every once in a while. But that is besides the point.

Last week or so, I thought it would be a good idea to start a serie with guest bloggers. Bloggers that I admire because they have gorgeous photographs on their foodblog. And so I placed a message on the facebook group with Dutch foodbloggers and within minutes I had a load of reactions.Possibly enough to post the next 7 years or so. Too many to take into account also so apologies upfront if I am not sending a note to everyone. But the serie is just starting so who knows how long it’s gonna run.


The idea is for one new guestblog each saturday. In that post I will ask the foodblogger all sorts of questions concerning their foodphotography. How did they start, where did they come from, what is their process. Of course with all the necessary examples.

It will not be just Dutch bloggers. It will be an international affair of sorts… A lot of my favorite foodbloggers are somewhere in the world…

Why? For inspiration, to learn and entertain. Everyone started once and there are not a lot of natural talents out there that picked up a camera for the first time and started producing brilliant images. And even if you’re not a beginner but a more advanced photographer, it is always to fun to have a peak into another person’s (photography) kitchen. The series will start next week saturday with Maura from  Yellow Lemon Tree and I want to feature a new blogger every saturday after that. Or at least for as long as I have material to post ofcourse.

If you have suggestions for local or not so local foodbloggers that should be featured according to you, let me know!


And to entertain you just a bit, I have a couple of really old images take by me that went uhm.. slightly wrong. The pictures above are taken during a recent pasta shoot. Not too bad I think. The photos below are some of my first attempts at shooting a dish with pasta. I only have the little photos left, the originals are hidden somewhere deep in a basement (I hope.. ) But I think we can all agree that these are not my best pics right?

The pasta itself, contrary to what you might expect looking at the photos, was delicious.


But that is beside the point. I redid the dish years later. Just to improve on the photos (and yes that was successful..) Maybe not everyone in the series is willing to post before and after photos but I think it only shows how far you’ve come, right? So it seemed only fair to start with my own massive failures.

Looks good right? 😉 Nicely styled.. Hahahaha… The second photo is maybe even worse. I didn’t really like the first one (O, really?) and I thought to be clever and to mix the sauce with regular pasta. Whole wheat pasta no less…

Lesson number 1; do not mix white pasta saue with the pasta

Lesson number 2; don’t use whole wheat pasta with white pastasauce

Lesson number 3; if you’re food doesn’t look good, it will not help to zoom in close. It will only make things worse.

As you will see the old photos by Maura are a lot less dramatic really and there is a huge climbing curve you can see in her work. But as mentioned the first episode will appear next week on Saturday April 5th!



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  1. What a great idea Simone! excited to see the developments and learn a thing or two, lol that even you as a professional have evolved in that way. life long learning is the way to get ;D

  2. I’m so looking forward to this series. My before photos are very embarrassing. 🙂

  3. Fun idea! This series will be a great read. Pasta is such a tough subject — I’m still not happy with my pasta pictures, although they’re much better than my early efforts.

  4. The other day I was going through my old food photos and found terrible ones. I just laughed at myself for taking such bad pictures. I still have them on the blog, as they belong to many recipes and I really want to keep them online. They document my evolution while food photography “student”. I do see that today’s photos are far better but I still need to study and practice a lot more. Just because I never think my photos are good enough…

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