Taking photos with your phone. We all do it, or well, almost all do it.. So for the second challenge I thought it would be a fun idea to show of those photos.

We probably all have a couple of examples of how NOT to do it. The photos on Instagram with food that looks like it is chewed on by a dog are almost as many as the photos of beautiful dishes. So yes, even if you are ‘only’ shooting with your phone there are a couple of rules you will need to follow.

Ofcourse it doesn’t have to be an iPhone, I just thought the term Iphone-o-graphy was kind of cute.. 😉 But if you have a Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry or whatever, feel free to submit your photos as well. Ofcourse for entering in the challenge you need to make sure you post the photo somewhere on the internet. Either on your blog, your Flickr page, facebook or Instagram. Just make sure you link your photo to this particular post.


So what are the things you need to take into account when taking photos with your telephone? At the base all photography is the same, so most of the principles concerning lighting would be true if you take photos with your phone. Make sure you have good light! I would always advise against taking photos of food with your phone at night. using the flash is just too horrible and don’t send in those photos. I’d have to remove them.. really.. 😉

So good light. Daylight. No direct sunlight (hard shadows!) An average phone is not so good in controlling contrast like a proper camera, so try to make sure you do not have too much difference between blacks and whites.

Another thing when shooting with your phone is movement. It can be tricky holding your camera still under poor lighting conditions and most phones don’t come with a tripod (although they do exist!) If it’s a dark day lean against anything you can find; a table, a wall, a tree.. anything to help you keep your hands steady.


Depth of field; one of the biggest drawbacks of shooting with you phone is the large depth of field. You see literally everything! Thankfully you have lots and lots of wonderful apps these days that can fix that problem for you. Most well know is Instagram ofcourse, but than I like Hipstamatic a lot and Afterlight is great for adjusting your photos after the fact. A filter of some sort can create miracles!

Also take care with shadows in your photo. You can remove those by using a bit of white cardboard, a white napkin, plate… anything white really. For inspiration I have a few foodies on Instagram with beautiful photos!

Kyonne, Femke van Heeerlijk, David Loftus, Leila Lindholm

The rules!

  • The final submission deadline to enter your link in the linky tool below is 20th of March 2014
  • Don’t use an existing photo but make a photo specifically for this challenge.
  • When you write a blogpost about this challenge and your results, make sure you include a link to this blogpost, so people can bookmark for next month!
  • Submissions are limited to one per person. When entering your photo into the linky tool make sure you select the right picture from your blogpost.
  • Your photo needs to have been taken with a camera phone; iphone, blackberry, samsung, nokia whatever the brand, as long as it is a camera phone. And obviously the subject needs to be food!
  • You can take the photo at a market, out of the country or whereever, just as long as you’ve made it for this particular event.

HOW TO SEND IN YOUR PHOTO  (different from before so please read) 

OPTION 1 – send in through email (do this if you have no blog or other public place where we can find the photo)

  • Send your photo in max format of 800 px wide to me via Simone’s Kitchen
  • Make sure you mention the following details in your email: your name, your blogname and the link where I can find the photo and for which challenge you are entering.
  • I will go to your blog, instagram account, flickr page or whereever you tell me to find the image and pin it directly from there so it will link properly to the right blogpage.

OPTION 2 – enter your link in the linky tool below

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You can view all entries for the challenge, including your own on the Pinterest Board

Our judging panel will consist of the wonderful three bloggers/photographers who have been judging before:

Meeta K Wolff – From What’s for Lunch honey

Kay – from Kayotic Kitchen

Jenn- from Jenncuisine.

The jury is allowed to enter as well, but they will not be eligible for winning anything.. 😉


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