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A foodie day in Helsinki


What to do if you have only one day to see Helsinki? Then you go for the food related stuff right? Or at least that was our aim for our one day visit to Helsinki. After the fantastic workshop weekend we were really happy that the day started out sunny and our plan of attack was to first visit the old market. The hall was apparently closed for a while and – by pure luck – it reopened on the day we were visiting. A good think the Fins don’t celebrate ‘Pinksteren’ or everything would have been closed!


Onze enigszins in het water gevallen pulla test
Our slightly failed pulla test number one

Let me start by saying that Finland is by no means a cheap country to visit. Even worse, you can say it is rather expensive. Especially when you go out for dinner make sure you pay close attention to the prices on the winelist. Apparently a glass of wine of 20 euro is quite normal. I almost fell of my chair when I heared that for the first time, but apparently it is the rule rather than the exception. The same goes a little bit for the food as well, although that is far less shocking. But cheap it ain’t.

The Old Market is a covered market and on the square in front of it, there is a ‘regular’ market. Good to know is that most things in the covered market are cheaper when you go to the regular market. I assume that is mostly because of the added rent of the building plus it is showcased in a nicer way.

25 euro voor een kilo mini bloemkool??
25 euro voor een kilo mini bloemkool??

But what are the must see’s and must eat’s when you’re in Helsinki as a foodie? I’ve made a little list of the restaurants and places we went to and liked…

  1. Toca restaurant

    Toca restaurant
    Toca restaurant
  2. Bar Vin-Vin – for a delicious wine or prosecco and for as far as I know roughly 10 euro for a glass

    Bar Vin-Vin
    Bar Vin-Vin
  3. Emo restaurant – beautiful products. A good thing to do is their ten course menu. This is 80 euro for the entire ten courses, but you can skip as many as you like. We opted for fives courses and per missed course you lose about ten euro per course. Don’t make the mistake of going for the prosecco though… It was our first night and what did we know!
  4. Brasserie Kämp – The bistro that is located in the only five star hotel Helsinki has. Good food and reasonably priced.

    Brasserie Kamp
    Brasserie Kamp
  5. De Old Market or Vanha Kauppahallimarket2
  6. The market in front of the Covered marketMarket3
  7. Eating pulla – we had wild plans to do an extensive pulla test, but needless to say we didn’t get any further than just the two pieces… Unless you have a giant stomach or more time, it was just not possible to eat more. And we even divided each pulla into three… Sad but true.. 😉  Still being the local delicacy you have to try it!
  8. Fish at the market
  9. Lekker visje op een houten bankje in het openlucht markt restaurant
    Lovely salmon on a wooden bench in the open air small market restaurant
  10. Boatride across the Helsinki waters. Costs 22 euro and it takes about 1,5 hours but it is worth it if the weather is good.
  11. Aino restaurant – we had dinner here on our very last evening and it was delicious. We took the mixed platter for a starter and dessert. No mains but I am pretty sure those would be equally worth it. To go along with it we had a finnish honey beer. That was rather good even though we didn’t taste the actual honey. Beer – in case you’re wondering – is roughly the same price as wine, so for the price you don’t need to take it. The honey beer best resembled a mild Corono.
In Aino hadden we alleen de iphone bij ons...
At Aino we only had our iphone’s with us… (ok, samsung for Meeta!)
Boottochtje over de wateren
Bootride with lovely views
Indrukwekkende cruiseschepen
Impressive cruise ships

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