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Foodblogger weekend 1st edition


I’ve said it before and I am saying it again now; one of the fun parts of being a foodblogger is meeting other foodbloggers; up close and personal. So when I heard about the foodblogger weekend that Els from Eetlustig was putting together I didn’t hesitate and signed up for the weekend. Initially there were going to be a lot of people joining but as it happens with some of these events, the numbers soon dropped to a reasonable amount of people.

I almost didn’t go myself (don’t ask…!) but I am glad I decided to go especially since I found out later that a few others had dropped out at the last minute. Never a good thing, although things happen in life that cannot be avoided as we also found out when we had just arrived, as one of us had to leave immediately again due to a sick daughter. Shit happens, as the saying goes.


As with any good foodblogger gathering there was food. A lot of food. It started already with the high tea when we arrived in Voorthuizen where Els had arranged a big holidayhome for us. She has asked us all to bring something ‘small and local’… Have you ever seen a foodblogger bring something small? 🙂 So the small turned out to be way too much. We had cookies from Amsterdam, chocolate from Utrecht, brownies, arretje nof cake, apple cake and some more chocolate, cheese from Zoeterwoude and omelette from Brenda. Thank god a few were sensible enough to bring something savory! And Pauline was kind enough to send some special Verveine-apple tea.


And then there was wine…. and some more wine…. and let’s have a glass of wine too… Lol… Not so bad really, we also had a lot of tea… 😉 Els had arranged for us to start cooking in teams of two using a set bag of ingredients she had prepared before from random recipes she had picked from the internet. We didn’t know what the recipe was, so the fun was to guess what we could make. I was teamed with Didi from Made in Spain (and later joined by Lotte ) and we made spaghetti from Pauline’s blog (that was rather dry and as it turned out Els forgot to add the cream to the bag… Ha!) , hummus, beetroot salad and a tuna salad.

We ended the night with a culinary quiz where Els had prepared some (pretty hard!) questions for us to answer…. By some miracle I ended up at a shared second place but the winner was Iris.

We ended the weekend with a breakfast the next day after a good nights rest. Thanks to Els and Tessa for doing all the planning and waiting for the next edition 2014! And a special thanks to Bio Dichtbij en Biologische tuinderij de Elzenkamp who agreed to deliver all the food we needed… 🙂

In our group we had:

Didi from Bijzonder Spaans, Brenda from Brendakookt, Els from Eetlustig, Tessa from Iamcookingwithlove, Iris from Keukenverhalenvaniris, Marina from Marina’s Kitchen, Lotte with no blog and Adele from Multi Culti Kitchen.

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