Being a foodblogger sometimes can be a strange thing. Non bloggers look at you with an expression of pity almost if you explain what a foodblog is and they think you’re positively insane if you actually go to a conference to meet other foodbloggers. I’m sure we all have experienced situations like that! At least judging by some of the talks I had last weekend in London that was definitely the case.

As you know from my previous post going to London was cause for some anxiety due to the recent riots but I can tell you that we did not experience anything on our way to the venue. The only noticeable difference was that there were much more cops on the street then I imagine would be there normally.

I had agreed to meet Valerie from Love through the stomach already at the airport, so we travelled together by plane. If you haven’t checked out Valerie’s blog yet, you should! There are not a great deal of bloggers in the Netherlands, so it’s always fun to talk to someone about foodblogging in your own language for a change!

Photo by Sarka Babicka

Photo by Sarka Babicka

We arrived at the Hempel around 11 I think and our welcome drinks and meet and greet session started at 3. It was great meeting so many people I only knew through either blog, twitter or facebook, but due to the large group I feel I have missed out in talking to so many more. I think the total group was about 75 people and the schedule was pretty tight, meaning we did not have as much time as I would have liked to socialize. Our presenters where all great with the – rather weird – exception of one, the restaurant critic….

The skype interviews did not work at all, so that was a bit of failure in terms of technology, but it was all handled and schedules were shifted to accommodate the changes. We were very lucky with the weather too so the workshop with Bea from La Tartine Gourmand could actually happen outside in the garden which was lovely (and I so have to get that tripod that Bea was using!!)

Groepje gekke Nederlandse bloggers

Marthe van bakingbluefinger, Valerie van Love through the stomach and moi


Can you see those two serious students? Arthi from Soul Curry and Sarah from cocinaparaemanipades.com (I hope I typed that in correctly…) looking very serious with their notebooks…:)

We had some great sponsors over the weekend. Cuisinart supplied all the cooking equipment used and had some great giveaways too and we had a constant supply of Olives from Olives from Spain which was great too. My favorite where the olives with almonds in it, although hmm, maybe olives for breakfast was a little bit too much..lol.. O and that goodiebag was fantastic! I’m gonna be using most of that real soon. Looking forward to trying out the za’atar spice mix.


All in all it was a successful weekend I think and it flew by in a heartbeat. I would almost say that maybe next time add a day and have a less hectic schedule so there is more time to talk to people, but I can understand it is difficult to arrange it all.

O and I loved meeting Anjum Anand in real life. When you have cookbooks of someone it’s just great to meet them!



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