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Food Passionistas – the Hague Jan 25th


Last saturday I was in The Hague together with Alexandra for the first Food Passionistas event (organised by Green Passion) which was taking place in the Haagse Toren and ofcourse, as usual, we were too early…. Not really a bad thing in this case as we got to wander a little bit around the place before the crowd came in and we drank a cup of tea with the girls of  Kromkommer. What a wonderful initiative and great girls too… 😉 (I like them so much I will be writing about it in a separate post)


For the event we had bought a half day pass and that included entrance for two of the workshops that were held and included a lunch on the 40th floor of the building. (worth it for the view alone)

Our choice of workshops was as the first one Health and prevention by Food which was given by reumatologist Richard Verheesen….. Very inspiring lecture and I am pretty sure a lot of the ladies present ran of to buy some extra multi vitamins afterwards.

After this we walked around a little, had a drink and than went upstairs for lunch. This was a really good looking buffet with ofcourse the wonderful view of the city. The one bottleneck being the elevator. you can imagine it took a while to transport everyone back and forth to the 40th floor. And how many people fit into one elevator…
After lunch we figured it was time for a bit of pampering so we got a lovely footmassage and after that another lecture by Alex van der Werf.  ‘What do I put in my shopping basket’ I loved his look on things, which was very realistic and he wasn’t trying to just tell us not to buy sugar or bread, but he did give a very realistic view of our current food culture.


So both workshops were very good and looking back I would have liked to ‘do’  few more of those. At 4 pm their was the lottery results and ofcourse miss Alex went away with not one, not two, but three prices!! (she had five tickets) and even I had one! Not bad I would say..

Uitzicht over Den Haag vanaf de veertigste verdieping
View over The Hague

After that it was time to head on home after a busy but very inspiring day. A little bit of a critical note; I know it’s very fashionable to have a goodiebag these days, but if the goodiebag is really just a bag full of paper and flyers, it’s essentially not a goodiebag. So that was a bit of a disappointment. I don’t mind not getting any. It’s not the reason I went to the event, but if you tell people there will be a goodiebag, I am pretty sure they expected a bit more than just flyers. Just a tip for next year!

All in all a very successful event that was fun and inspiring. Another big plus I thought was that they purposefully kept it fairly small with the number of tickets sold. I hate it when you have to walk over everyone to see anything but this was nicely balanced. Good job! And definitely will be back next year!



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