Wow… How hot can it get? We are now in Riung a little village situated by the sea (but without a beach) and it is incredibly hot here. So hot in fact that I am longing for cold rainy days in Holland!! Imagine that!

Since arriving here we’ve been to beautiful mountainareas where the temperatures are a little cooler and now down to the coast where – as mentioned it is warm. Very very warm. Today was a travelday with a terrible road so we’ve been shaken badly in the bus and arrived here shortly after 1 pm. We will stay here for two nights and then move on to our most basic stay in a monastery in Detusoko.

Feeding the fish

Feeding the fish

Overall, this holiday has been really great but I am disappointed about the food. The Indonesian cuisine is quite famous and I love the food, but because the areas we travel in are very poor and remote, there is simply not always much more then the standard nasi goreng or mie goreng. We’ve basically been eating nasi or mie goreng for almost three weeks now, with the occassional variation thrown in once or twice. Restaurants where you can safely eat as a tourist are not that common and so the options of restaurants to eat are limited. My guess is that that will only change once we are in bali, which is shockingly only a few days away and that will be the end of our holiday already. It’s always amazing how a group of complete strangers can transform to friends (or enemies.. 🙂 ) in just three weeks time.


I think this will probably be my last post before heading home and this blog will resume it’s usual food related content, although I will first bore you with loads of photos ofcourse!! Tomorrow is going to be a lovely relaxing day with sun, sea and beaches and -YES!! – fresh fish grilled on the beach. Then to Detusoko and Maumere, from where we will fly to Bali for our last two days before going back home. —

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