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Farmers market in Almere

Farmers market Almere

Farmers market Almere

It has been one of those things we’d been meaning to do for a loooong time; going to the farmers market here in Almere. Now that we’re on the subject of shopping; can I just complain for a little bit about the lack of good produce here in Almere? There are really not a lot of places where you can buy good vegetables other then the standard fare you will find in any supermarket. Even fresh herbs are sometimes hard to come by. Ok, you can now buy pots of basil, parsley and sometimes even mint in the supermarket, but finding dille or fresh cilantro can be a real challenge. (which is why we’re now attempting to grow them in our garden!!) So going to this farmers market we were hoping to find a good source of edible goodies. Well, yes and no. It was very very small. I had hoped for a larger selection of things, but there was literally only 7 stalls in total. The things that they did have looked good and I especially liked the vegetables. All very seasonal and looking rather good as well.

Next to restaurant de Kemphaan

Next to restaurant de Kemphaan

The market is held every saturday at the estate of the Kemphaan which is all about organic farming and a huge area as well. There is a restaurant next to it, looking out over the water so that was a lovely place to have coffee. Next to the Kemphaan is Stichting Aap, which is a foundation that is famous for rescuing monkies worldwide from mallpractice, such as keeping them as a pet or animals that are used for entertaining tourists and have let miserable lifes in general. A lot of the monkies there are seriously damaged, either fysical or psychological and can at least enjoy the rest of their lifes in relative peace and quiet.

After the market we decided to head to Almere Haven for a nice light lunch. The weather is still gorgeous, although thankfully slightly less hot then the previous days, so on a terrace in the shade we both enjoyed a lovely sandwich…

Goatcheese and honey sandwich

Goatcheese and honey sandwich

Smoked chicken sandwich

Smoked chicken sandwich

Tonight’s gonna be another Jamie recipe; canneloni!!

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  1. I love to go to markets!! In London, I don’t really enjoy the markets here as they tend to be too expensive! Whenever I go to France, I always make a visit to the local markets even though I don’t purchase anything. It’s just the vibes!!

  2. Ooooh! What wonderful photos! Is that chard? It looks beautiful. Also, goat cheese and honey – my favorite!

  3. Great pictures Simone. You’ve captured the spirit of the farmers markets quite well!

  4. Sigh, everything looks so fresh and beautiful… 🙂

  5. Maybe it will pick up. I moved to Tennessee from California and was very sad about the food, but it’s getting better. Our local farmers market up the street is crowded and going all year now. I look forward to every saturday morning.

  6. We take farmers markets for granted here in Greece, but they do have wonderful produce. You can’t find very odd things (obviously), but anything that’s in season is in great abundance! I think that it is getting better in Europe though, so give it a bit of time.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your lack of fresh produce (I know the feeling) but your market did look like it had lots of fresh veggies. The cheese looked great too.

  8. I am always excited at the thought of farmers markets! We are quite lucky in manchester, We can get most items fresh, even from faraway countries, like curry leaves, and odd vegetables I am still not familiar with: I’m trying everything that’s new but i have a lot to catch up with really!, A little bit of giudance is needed sometimes!

  9. Your photos are amazing!! Going to the farmers market is one of the highlights of my week. I think you’ve captured the fun and fresh spirit quite well with your photos. 🙂

  10. Love farmer’s markets! Just went to one yesterday.
    your photos of greens are my favorite!

  11. Well even if it’s small I bet you’re glad it’s there! Farmers markets are so precious and it looks like you got some good produce. Every year I grow all the herbs that I can get my hands on except for cilantro and dill. There is something about them… they either die in a day or they sprout funny flowers. I hope you have better luck!
    I just got back from vacation, hence the quiet blog. I hope all is going well there and everything worked out for you guys.

  12. Lovely pictures, also from The Swiss Chard!! There was also Rainbow Swiss chard! I love that in soups, stews, stampots,etc,….MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

  13. That is a great picture. I’ve been visiting some food blogs, which honestly I didn’t know there were. Making me hungry!

  14. Maybe the market will get larger in time. The chard is beautiful! Great shots of the sandwiches too.

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