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DudeFood Tuesday: Potato salad Dude style

Potato salad dude food style |

DudeFood Tuesday is becoming massively popular throughout the male part of the world. And one way you can tell this is by the huge piles of fanmail that weekly flood our DudeFood kitchen. Among this fanmail I regularly find letters with desperate cries of help from fellow dudes from over the world. Pitiful pleas that speak off dudes who can’t embrace their full dudeness because their environment just won’t let them. Or some complain about the Unbearable Dudeness of Being when they are at home with the Misses.
It just isn’t fair if a dude wants to live a dudeful life but is hindered in any other way, so it’s time to light a shining beacon for all dudes who have gone astray.
Please make way for the counsel and advice for every dudey question or problem!
Please make way for new column for the dudes in need: Ask Doctor Dude.
This week I will give advice on the following letter which has been send to me by an anonymous dude: Potato salad |
Dear Doctor Dude,
First let me tell you that I am a great fan of DudeFood Tuesday. It is heart warming to see that there are still men in this world who can let their savage Dudebeast run free in the kitchen. Especially when it is done with that Schwarzenegger swagger that makes you stand out from the rest. To read about that, strengthens my resolve that I can release my full dudeness too, someday. And there we also have the problem for which I write you, because I cannot cook Dudefood like I want to. You see, my girlfriend is always on a diet, and gives me the evil eye when I cook something the Dude way. Besides that, she will not eat anything else but salads and raw vegetables.
Don’t get me wrong: I respect my girlfriend greatly and I don’t want to loose or leave her, but her constant whining about food, keeps me from giving my Dudebeast free reign in the kitchen. And that frustrates me a lot. Doctor Dude, what should I do to solve this problem?

Regards from a desperate driven dude.
Potato salad |
My, my does this little dude has a problem?
Here you have my answer:

Dear DIPSHIT (Dude In Progress Soon Having Incredible Time),
Thanks for your compliments and it’s very good to hear that you draw so much strength from DudeFood Tuesday.

I think I can help you with your problem although I don’t understand what a dude looks for in a girlfriend who is always counting her calories like a life size abacus.
Know for sure that  a relationship between a dude and a misses who is in fact a DUMP (Dame Under Meager Proteins) isn’t build to last. Fortunately there is a solution for this problem, but then you have to fool your little ‘Miss always Thinner’ a little.

The best way to fool her is by making her a salad… but… with a lot of typical dudey ingredients in it!
When she has become adjusted to all those delicious dude flavours, it’s just a matter of time before she will beg for your rich man food. And then you can serve her one of your traditional manly hamburgers and everything is hunky dory.
To help you get started I will give you my recipe for a salad.. with potatoes, chorizo and a creamy dudey dressing. Good luck with reactivating the tastebuds of your misses!
A dudey and meaty handshake from Doctor Dude

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Potato salad |
Potatosalad Dudestyle
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
25 mins
Total Time
35 mins

A generous potato salad with spicy chorizo, veggies and a creamy dressing

Servings: 2
  • 6 medium size potatoes
  • 200 gr leek wash and cut into small rings
  • 100 gr spicy chorizo finely diced
  • 100 gr longbeans or greenbeans wash and cut into small pieces
  • 1 tbsp flatleaf parsley finely chopped
  • salt
  • pepper
  • For the dressing:
  • 2 tbsp good mayonaise
  • 2 tbsp sherry vinegar
  • 2 tbsp chili oil or a good extra vergine olive oil
  • 1 tbsp chives
  • salt
  • pepper
  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them up in bite size dices, boil for ± 20 min until cooked (don't forget to add salt to the water)
  2. Glaze the leek briefly in a frying pan and put the sliced beans for 3 min in boiling and salted water
  3. Bake the chorizo cubes in a frying pan until crispy, get them out of the pan and let them dry for a couple of minutes on a plate with kitchenpaper
  4. Stir all ingredients for the dressing (except for the chives) together and put to taste with salt and pepper. Finely cut the chives with a scissor and stir the chives into the dressing
  5. Put the potatoes, veggies, chorizo and dressing together in a big bowl and mix it together until the dressing is divided throughout the salad.
  6. Generously spoon the salad on two plates and finish off with some of the chopped parsley. Enjoy

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  1. A potato salad with attitude!



  2. I love the chorizo in the salad. I made one recently with sauteed onions, chorizo and bourbon and tossed in all in the potato salad. Outstanding. Keep up the dudeness.

  3. Hey Dr. Dude,
    Great column and good advice, oh and I like the salad too.
    Keep up the therapy Dude!

  4. Yeah, that Unbearable Dudeness of Being can be a hassle at times, can’t it? 😉 Great potato salad — love the chorizo.

  5. I adore potato salad but try to keep the carbs low … so things like this are a real treat. Looks I need the treat now!

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