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Dude Food Tuesday: Healthy salad

Healthy salad |

Maybe I am a bit too early, but I rather share this with you one day sooner than one day too late. So here it is; I quit!
From now on no more unhealthy food  or other ‘dudefood’ like dishes for me.
Ok, I do admit that I have made and invented excessive recipes and gobbled fatty food blatantly, but from now on I rather be penny wise than 130 pound foolish. From this day on I excorcize fat and sugar from this Dudefood kitchen; I ban them. Sugar and fat are my new archnemesis, they are… the Devil!Healthy salad |

I am standing in the centre of my DudeFoodKitchen and brandish my new holy symbol: the salad fork, with the low fat, no calorie cookbook under my arm as my new bible and with a booming voice I recite my new zero tolerance fat prayer: “Be gone, thy jumbo sized hamburger, with your mighty and fat sauces. Flee this kitchen, you baked potatoes who float in gravy!
No really, this is the time to turn my life around and start thinking about only eating food, with which you can reach the age of 150 years.
I only want to eat meals which are glutenfree and free of milk.
Better still I want a lot of distance between me and anything that comes close to dairy. Because dairy products contain fat. And fat is…. The Devil!!
Healthy and as less calories as possible are the trademarks for the dishes which come rolling out of Dude Food Kitchen from now on.
And yes: even now I somehow feel very Dudey.
So from now on everbody should take a grain of salt with everything I say in stead of the usual grain of sugar.
Let’s start my new religion with a very healthy low carb salad…

Ultra healthy salad


  • lettuce
  • 1,5 tomato
  • 1 cucumber


  1. Wash the lettuce and the tomatoes
  2. Divide the tomatoes evenly and slice the cucumber
  3. Arrange lettuce, tomato and cucumber neatly on a plate
  4. Enjoy and remember: 'You are what you eat'

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Tom Gerrets

Since recently promoted to sales manager at Simone's Kitchen, he is still working towards his ultimate goal; to become a celebrated hobby chef.. ;)

After a few enervating cooking courses he became really interested in preparing dishes. His sometimes cynical outlook on the world and the actualities at least do not leave a bitter taste in his dishes.
With Carpe Diem as his life motto Tom is thé Bourgondiër pur sang on this culinary blog and the inventer of the Dudefood Kitchen.


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