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Yes, it is coming! Cooking and eating for real men: dude food Tuesday!

I’ve got to start by saying I am a huge fan of the man of Smokey Goodness.
What Jord and Derk produce for their own homemade smokers and grills is downright magic if you ask me.
It’s grilling in the manly way but with bags of flavor and with a flair and refinement in their dishes. And that makes here two men my dude food heroes. When I tasted the smokey flavor of a piece of slow cooked porc I immediately wanted to jump on a Harley and drive along the Route 66. Preferably tagging along one of those smokers.
When you see the me at and event or festival, taste something from those grills (doesn’t matter what, really) and you’ll know what I mean!
Also read here what we had to say about Smokey Goodness before.

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Anyway, these men inspire me with their food and the way they treat produce and products.

After a lot of begging, pleading and bribing (something along the lines of ‘shall I cook for you honey?’), cleaning and putting the trash cans out, I finally managed to convince Simone.
I now own a Harley and a huge cast iron barbecue in the shape of a truck… In my dreams at least… I didn’t even get a nice Green Egg, but I did but the next best thing.

Starting next week I will het my own little corner in Simone’s kitchen, where I am allowed to go wild with the thing that makes me happy; making food for real men!
From now on we will push aside all other recipes on Tuesday, that get anywhere close to healthy and lean in general and paleo or superfood in particular.
From next week onwards, every Tuesday the entire kitchen of Simone will be taken over by men, dude food and men who make dude food, because from next week onwards it will be ‘Dude Food Tuesday’ every Tuesday!

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Recipes to go with romantic candle light and dishes that are perfect ‘ just before going to yoga class’ are banned and the grills, barbecues and rock guitars are taken out of the manly cabinets.

With dude food tuesday the little animals that make your clothes smaller at night play a major part; calories!

So what can you expect?

Beer, batter, beerbatter, meat (preferably the large kind), chicken (preferably the whole variety), spicey rubs, sticky marinades, potato, paneer, frying, grilling, baking, smoking, hamburgers.

I will give recipes of starters, mains and sidedishes that I will give a masculine look. Nice challenge… For my inspiration I will look at recipes from all over the world and products and ingredients that have a masculine look and feel.

Of course you will not find a lot of desserts in my little corner of Simone’s Kitchen, because real men don’t cook with half grams and silver measuring spoons to end up with a delicate thing to get a sweet tooth.

Hamburger for dude food tuesday |

When real men want sweets after mains, they will suck the honey… straight from the bee!

As personal extra rule for myself I have decided that the dude food recipes I will be making and preparing are flavorful and sometimes even a little refined. So a recipe for fried snickers with mayonaise you will not be finding here (although: a bounty fried in tempura batter with a wasabi and kewpie mayonaise maybe?)

So men; pay attention as from next week Tuesday onwards it will be dude food tuesday. Make sure you don’t miss it to impress your friends with whatever you magically produce in the kitchen during the break of your favorite sports game.

And ladies…; it’s ok to watch too! Or tell your guy, boyfriend or husband that from now on he has no excuse at all to not make something nice and robust every Tuesday. Especially for you!


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