Wow… I gave you guys one hell of a challenge these last two months, did I not? πŸ™‚ But we do have a winner!! Our fabulous judging panel existing of Jenn from Jencuisine, Meeta from What’s for lunch Honey and Kay from Kayotic Kitchen, all thought that the photo made by Valerie was the clear winner of this tough challenge. And here is the winning image!

Photo by Valerie Williams from Don't Forget Delicious

Photo by Valerie Williams from Don’t Forget Delicious

Hop on over to Valerie’s post about the challenge which will tell you the issues she had with attempting the shot. There were only two entries with the steak, so my guess is that that was even more daunting then the yummy looking chimichurri potatoes. So in actual fact that would be a double wow, for the effort taken by Valerie. In fact; one of the judges commented that she liked Valerie’s version better then the one taken by Ben Dearnley. Now how’s that for a compliment! O and in case you’re wondering if you compare the original to Valerie’s pic, yes she forgot the potatoes but none of us felt that that was a major issue and still thought this was the best shot.

So congratulations to Valerie upon winning one of Donna’s amazing books. I will send you an email separately so you can give me your shipping address.

Thanks everyone for participating as there were some really cool results and creative solutions to missing props!

I’m already working on next months challenge and I do promise you one thing; it will be slightly easier… But as you know; looks can be deceiving in that regard!



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