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Donna Hay challenge #1 the results!

Photo by Ilva - Lucullian Delights

Photo by Ilva – Lucullian Delights

Wow….it seemed I have stirred quite a few discussions with this Donna Hay  challenge.. Which I guess is a good thing too. The discussion mostly centered around the question of replicating and copying someone style. Which is definitely a valid discussion and while this is indeed a challenge where you have to copy someone elses image; it is not meant to copy someone’s style. The purpose of this challenge is not for you to learn how to copy someone’s style, but it is about being able to interpret where the light comes from in an image and how that reflects on the feel and mood of an image. That – to me – is a distinct difference. And challenge number two is already up and you can view it here!

Since this is the very first challenge I’m quite happy to say that some of my favorite people and photographers have taken on this challenge and made their version of the image. I’ve been really impressed too by the level of consistency that each and every entry has shown. Take a look for yourself and you will have to agree that there is not one big failure in there! (maybe it was too easy then after I am not sure I’m going to be able to pick a winner here and I’m even tempted to say that the winning bit is the knowledge you got out of the challenge. Picking a winner by myself is purely a subjective choice, but I like Ilva’s image the most. Obviously you’re free to your own opinion.

I can add a voting form to the images but I think the exercise in itself is enough. Do you agree?

Below is an overview of the submissions and the links to the blogs and the posts on the challenge! If you read through them you can see how they experienced the exercise and join in the discussion! Feel free to leave a comment here on what you think of the results or how you experienced the challenge.

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  1. Jenn, from the blog Jenncuisine. You can read her entry here
  2. Ilva, from the brilliant blog Lucullian Delights. You can read her entry here
  3.  Meeta from the blog What’s for Lunch Honey.  You can find her post here.
  4. Magda from Magda’s Cauldron . You can find her post here
  5.  Ann Vertriest from the blog Photocopy Ann here. She posted it on Flickr where you can view it here.
  6. Gail from a stack of dishes.  Read what she had to say about the challenge here.
  7. Kate’s from the blog ‘A Bobo Mess”. Read her entry here.
  8. Astrid from Paulchen’s foodblog. You can read her entry here

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  1. Congratulations to all! Indeed, practising with light and styles is the only way to find one’s personal photographic way and manner and style! Keep on challenging us!

  2. Very well done! Everybody’s work is fantastic. The roudup is interesting.



  3. WOW! They all look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for challenge #2!!

  4. Without doubt there are some awesome photo specialist between bloggers.But we are all amateurs and learn learn learn..or not.As long as iti s something we love to do..that is the main thing.I see now more and more personal vlogs( videos;s) and am already will i master that. Ach, I have fun in writing and one photo shooter as you.will probably never be..but I love to look at your pics;)

  5. Need to hop over to others to find out more..and what a passionate photographer you are, Simone!

  6. So nice to see and compare all these versions! I think they all have there own “touch”, but that DH-feeling is really there!

  7. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

  8. oEverybody’s look great. I wish i was able to participate.

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