I’m honestly surprised at how many books Donna Hay or rather the Donna Hay team manages to produce every year.  Because it’s an enormous amount really. The beauty of it is that I find each book completely fabulous. It’s not that the layout or design or even the photography is so very different from book to book, but the recipes are. And I am pretty sure there must be some kind of overlap somewhere (almost impossible to prevent with the sheer volume I would think) but I do find them worth buying every single time.

Simple Dinners

This time the book Simple Dinners is up for review. A book – the name says it all – that spends some time in making a simple and quick dinner. Open the book and you’re rewarded with lots of delicious recipes. A number of these you’ve already seen on the blog like the  French Toast  also from  Simple Dinners and I am expecting a few more to pop up over time!

Maybe a little less sweet but even better for quick weekday meals! Highly recommended!

Simple Dinners
Sold at bol.com voor 29,99

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