While we were in London, most of the time we were eating the food from the street food vendors at the Battersea Arts Center and while maybe not always the best dining food (cookies and such don’t really qualify as proper dinner do they?) by the time it was 9 pm we would certainly not feel like going out.
So apart from the wonderful dinner at Swan at the Globe with Jeanne on Thursday, we only went out for dinner on the last evening; the Sunday evening. The program stopped at 3 pm and that meant we actually were feeling a bit hungry by the time it got to be dinner time.

You can leave it up to Regula to arrange something in a restaurant she knows, so she had been tweeting with the lovely people at The Ship that we were coming and if that was ok. ( not that they would refuse any customers mind you…)
Going from the venue to The Ship was not too far and we walked there on the way to the restaurant (working up an appetite!). Our party was small as originally we were going to be joined by Valeria but she couldn’t make it last minute ( we met her the day after at Recipease) so it was just the four of us; Asha from Made by Asha (currently still Fork, spoon, knife), Giulia from Julskitchen, Regula from MissFoodwise and moi….
We were greeted by the Ship manager Oisin Rogers and he was kind enough to get us a pitcher of Pimm’s to cool of. Nothing better to get a group of girls going on a Sunday night! 🙂 And it was hot so the 1,5 liter of Pimm’s went in fast…. Only to be followed by another pitcher… Good thing we got some decent food to go along with it. Always when the weather is good, they start up the BBQ’s and the Ship then has its famous BBQ-menu. Burgers, trouts, but also nachos or a roasted chicken salad if you were looking for something leaner. I opted for the cheeseburger and was not disappointed…. Ordering needs to happen at the counter and once you’ve been there you understand why…. Soooo many people! It was a sort of miracle that we even got a spot to sit really, but this sure is one hell of a popular place.


But it’s great for people watching, great for having just a few beers with friends by the waterside or if you’re looking for a little more of a dining experience you can also sit inside. Here you will be served a proper restaurant menu. Outside is BBQ only…
All in all a great informal place to spend time with friends. Maybe a little less convenient if you’re looking for a romantic dining experience!

We did not get paid for writing a review. The food was paid for by ourselves. Only the drinks were courtesy of The Ship

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