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DHSPC #6 – results and exciting news!

My fav entry by Jenncuisine

My fav entry by Jenncuisine

That was a bit more tricky this challenge then you would think based on the photo right? Lol… This months challenge has been a pretty good one and while the recipe itself was simple enough the execution turned out to be a little more challenging then anticipated. I think ultimately most people struggled with the same thing; the angle of the various props (and the right props too) and the way those look in size compared to the bruschetta.

Another of my favorites from Kankana

Another of my favorites from Kankana

I love all the creative solutions that people came up with and I think everyone has done a great job. Check out all the entries below!

Now on to more exciting announcements; I have two…

First; I was contacted by the Donna Hay team that they noticed our challenge and were really pleased with our efforts and results. To support the challenge they have graciously offered to supply us with a couple of the latest books from Donna. They will be shipped to me soon so that means from next month onwards we will have an actual price to share for whoever did the best!

Secondly; sofar I’ve been either relying on my own opinion or on the likes an image got, but I think both are flawed. Even though this challenge is all about the exercise and not about the winning, it makes sense to ask a couple of people to do the judging together with me. Just so it becomes a little less subjective! The judges will be communicated hopefully when I reveal the 7th challenge.

And third; the new challenge is an awesome one with a spring feeling and possibly more of a traditional Donna look. That to me would be brilliant for the beginning of spring. I’m making it on Friday so the post should be up as usual on the 3rd of the month!

Thanks again for everyone who has entered in the challenge this month! You’re all winners to me!

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  1. Thanks so much Simone!! There were so many great entries this month – and so so exciting to hear about the books!!

  2. Great pictures and news! I love following this event.



  3. Congratulations to Jenn and you Simone. I’m so happy to hear about books and that Donna’s Team contacted you. And I can’t wait for a spring challenge.

  4. Thanks for the results and congrats to Jenn!
    Can’t wait for the next challenge.

  5. This is a lot of fun and thanks for adding me. 🙂
    Great the way this challenge is going, with official recognition now!

  6. Very cool! And if Donna Hay’s team were smart, they’d hire you as part of their photo team 🙂 Lovely photos one and all!

  7. Beautiful pictures. I missed the deadline again 🙁 But I so want to participate in the next one. Thanks for doing this, Simone. You rock!

  8. Congratulations Jenn!

    Also to everyone else. Your versions were great!


  9. Congrats to Jenn! Her photos are always amazing 🙂
    And YAY you liked my work too :))) That’s mean a lot! You shared some great news and excited to see what comes on 3rd!

  10. Very hard challenge … I hope to participate on this month’s challenge!

  11. Simone, hurray for your top picks! I am glad I decided to take a stab at this and am really looking forward to seeing the next challenge! So exciting to hear that the folks at Donna Hay are excited about it, too 🙂

  12. Simone, that is great news! I wanted to participate but I am so busy right now. I need to learn how to get the challenge in early before the month is over.

    Lots of entries, all great, I need to study them all.

    To March!

  13. I am always so utterly impressed with the quality of the entries!! Well done to everyone who had a go. I have STILL not yet managed to get organised enough to enter… And what fabulous news about Donna Hay sponsorship! That’s really impressive :))

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