Meeta's interpretation of this lovely soup

Meeta’s interpretation of this lovely soup

I’ve been really blown away by the results of this months challenge. We had a lot more participants this time then in december, which was no surprise, but still it makes me happy to see that you’re all having fun with the challenges! I’ve just prepared the next one today so stay tuned for more fun! Now on to this month; I’ve decided to change the ‘picking of the winner’ a little bit. What I will do, and you can see all entries below, is that I will let you choose which one you like best. Click the like under the image of your choice and the ones with the most likes will have won. It’s not really about winning so I figured that this is a better option then letting me pick my favorite.

Ofcourse if I had to choose; Meeta’s image above is definitely one of my favorites as it’s warm tones go really well with the (delicious!) soup. If you’re looking for the recipe of the soup go here.

Now you’ll have an extra week to vote for your favorite. After one week the voting will be stopped and the winner will be showing up in the same list… So vote for your favorites now!

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