It was cold when I arrived at Central Station in Amsterdam. Cold and snowing. Yuck…. Being the middle of march and all, it could be warmer. I had decided tk take the train, since parking in Amsterdam costs a small fortune and it made sense to take the train. Even though I hate public transportation. I was meeting my friend Charlotte for lunch at De Blauwe Pan, a cafe in de Westerstraat, not too far from Central Station and a place which she had visited before. According to their menu, they had the option for a high tea and given the lousy weather we figured that would be a few hours well spend on a dreary afternoon.

We arrived around midday and chose to sit upstairs as we were told it was warmer there. We could certainly use a little heat after walking trough the cold, so up we went, passing the big red housecat on our way up.
We were greeted very friendly by – I think – Shirley, who promised to supply us with endless amounts of tea. All good…


Ofcourse when you think of a high tea, you have this vision in your mind of a towering supply of small sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and little sweet bites…. If that is what you’re expecting you should not go to De Blauwe Pan. It simply should not be called a High Tea, as that is not what we had.

If you just go in to have a delicious meal then you’re fine…:) we were first served with a few tasty sandwiches, with carpaccio, tuna salad and (warm) Brie and walnuts. On the plate, as an extra were a few tasty bitterballen… Very welcome after the cold outside!

The sweet section… was a little disappointing; the apple pie was good, but the chocolate cake was lacking in flavor and the cupcake was somewhat boring and dry….
All in all, De Blauwe Pan is a lovely place to have a good lunch or dinner but they need to work a little bit more on their High Tea, if they want to call it that.

20130315-MH2A5488If you’re in the area though and in need of a good – non pretentious – meal then definitely stop by. It’s warm, inviting and friendly!

Eetcafe De Blauwe Pan, Westerstraat 200, Amsterdam

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