According to my whole30 bible, today is the day for the ‘hangover’. The day where you’re walking around in a mist, could experience headache and in general don’t feel too well. The brain fog is definitely there. I am behind the computer now (it’s almost 4 pm) and I have to keep myself busy or I would fall asleep. All things considered it is not too bad. I woke up this morning with a mild headache but nothing that a couple of glasses of water couldn’t cure.


I do feel a bit weird too. I was walking to the supermarket in the morning as I am trying to get more exercise in so doing everything on foot seems like a sensible thing. I felt a bit dizzy. Slightly, not enough to get worried or to sit down, but enough to make you feel slightly awkward.

I had been planning to go to the gym today but given the way that I feel right now, I figured it wouldn’t be such a good thing. Today I had no work outside of the house but tomorrow I have to drive for quite a bit and have a shoot for the whole day. In a restaurant too so I do hope I can manage to keep on the program. The chef is preparing lunch for us and it would be rude to bring my own. He is all about healthy cooking so I do hope he is willing to change things around a bit for my sake. And meat and fish are always safe. We’ll see.. I have already decided – as I knew this day was coming up – that, if all else fails, I will start fresh with day 1 the day after. But I hope it won’t come to that.

What did I eat today?

  • For breakfast I had leftover Italian meatballs in tomato sauce, with a fried egg and tomatoes. Delicious!
  • Lunch was tuna wraps. I had prepared the tuna salad the day before as T. brought it with him to the market. Wonder how he is doing. He is not going to be as strict as me, but he will do his best. He needs to lose weight as much as I do and I think he is motivated as well. As long as I can remember to prepare something for him to take for lunch I think we should be more or less ok there.
  • Dinner is the above stuffed bell peppers with roasted potatoes. I made them earlier so I can reheat in the evening. Plus I had time to take a proper picture… 😉

On days when I work at home I want to cook in the early afternoon. Part of our problem in the past couple of weeks and months has been the days when Tom comes back from the market. It is quite common for him to arrive home somewhere around 8 pm. By which time I don’t feel like cooking anymore and we ended up eating junkfood mostly. Washed down with wine. So in order to not do that, I need to have the food ready to go. Either in the freezer or made before like the peppers. Recipe will come soon!

I guess the first real test is going to be tomorrow. Wish me luck!




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